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Sensible Synastry

Speaker: Richard Fidler / United Kingdom


One of astrology’s most valuable gifts is its capacity to shed light on human relationships. That said, analysing relating dynamics is also one of the most complex applications of astrology. One of the greatest challenges in applying Synastry effectively is keeping all the elements of an analysis in proper proportion. In this presentation we’ll explore some useful ways of structuring and ordering the vast amount of information we need to process in the astrology of relationships.


Speaker Bio

Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler has been a professional astrologer and teacher for over 30 years. He uses methods of Western and Vedic astrology side by side in his practice and takes a special interest in the possibilities for fruitful cross-pollination between these major branches of astrology. Richard has served as chairperson of the Cape Town based Cape Astrology Association, he is currently ISAR’s Global Director for the United Kingdom, and serves on the board of CAPISAR as chair of the Jyotish certification program.



Topic: Sensible Synastry
Start: tiistai, kesä 13, 2023 19:00
Category: English, StarClub UK
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Europe/London

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