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Aleksandar Imsiragic – Karmic Progressions

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Time is a circular, or – spiral. So, past or future events defined in the Time Spiral, even far on from now, are always connected with us through strings between incarnations, and therefore significantly influence the life that we live now. Especially, events that were happening in previous incarnations represent cornerstones in one’s current destiny. Defining those events in time and even space, allows us to be in touch with the energy vortex of one’s karma, and transform potential negativity that we may be carrying in our memory.

Rick Levine – Making Sense of Relationships in the Modern World

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Ram Das once called relationships "the yoga of the West." Yoga has a long tradition yet the rules of relationships have changed dramatically with the advent of digital communication, the rise of new relationship paradigms, and the increase of freedom in modern life. We will explore an astrological model of relationships, using examples to illuminate common difficulties and offering concrete ways of handling some of the problems that commonly arise as two humans come together.

Jeff Jawer – The Search for Intimacy

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The desire for intimacy is the goal of most people and astrology has long played a part in describing the factors that support or inhibit a successful relationship. We will look below the surface of traditional compatibility to examine the factors that encourage and discourage the closeness we seek. Some of the traditional ideas simply do not work for many individuals; we will show how astrology can do a better job to nurture fulfilling partnerships.

Sam Geppi – Vedic Astrology: Personal and Spiritual Time

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Vedic astrology has two distinct methods of timekeeping: those which originated in the Vedas, and the more familiar ones, used in horoscopic/personal astrology. Both are valuable and serve distinct functions when selecting auspicious times. Typically these two distinct systems are  muddled together. In this class both methods will be explored and contrasted with many case studies to illustrate. Implicit in this discussion are tropical/sidereal zodiac, astrology in religious ceremonies, personal timekeeping (horoscopic/earth-centric) and spiritual (Vedic/celestial) timekeeping.

Eric Meyers – Aspects and Awakening

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What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects? What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This lecture will review the spiritual programs of every (major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of the others to reveal a striking template for our growth. We will also address the shadow possibilities if the spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously.