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R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2021

Time to think it over again Full Moon in Virgo, 27 February 2021 The latest full moon in Virgo portends us a time of review and reconsideration. In fact, last year around the time of Virgo full moon, (9 March 2020) Italy had begun the first national quarantine amid Coronavirus break-out. The Full Moon in […]

Mj Patterson – Software for Research in Astrology

Astrology can be considered both an art and a science. As a science, like all other “ologies” (Biology, Meteorology, and so on), Astrology has statistical foundation. Unlike Physics, it is based not on cause and effect, but on a longitudinal correlational study, — that is, over a very long time, people noticed that when planets were in […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Birth Chart Tips When You Don’t Have a Birth Time

Approaching a birth chart without an accurate birth time can be a stumbling block for both clients and astrologers alike. For the client, they might be wondering what astrology can offer when you don’t have a known birth time. For the astrologer, this means you need to use different tools in your astrological kit. This […]

Nicholas Kampanes – A Scientific Overview of Astrology

If we were to provide a scientific definition of astrology, a definition more in line with modern society, then we might find befitting a statement made by Paul Flambart (a graduate of the Polytechnic of Paris and author of 30 books) that goes: “Any given configuration on the sky corresponds to some specific human attribute […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2021

Much emphasis on diplomacy and vulnerabilities The full moon in Cancer, 30 December 2020 The full moon in Cancer is expected to bring out our vulnerabilities and worries especially in relationships as the full moon degree occurs in a Venus ruled term degree, as well as Libra dwad of Cancer. The first two weeks of […]