Jelena Đurđan – Planetary triggers for getting married – an election of the wedding time

For many people, the moment of getting married is one of the most important days in life.

In addition to the emotional side, that is often the beginning of a new chapter and can trigger various changes in other areas of life, such as a new home, job, starting a family or moving to another country.

The wedding time is certainly important, because it greatly reflects the marriage itself and its further development in time, its destiny.

That’s why it’s very important to choose the right moment in time that will emphasize the favourable predispositions of both partners, and alleviate natal challenges.

Election astrology addresses the determination of the right moment to start something.

It represents our intervention, making a horoscope by which we influence the fateful course of events and change the inertia that a person carries within himself which is defined by the natal horoscope, progressions and transits.

In this lecture, I will consider the election of the wedding time through concrete examples – from basic rules to description of the steps that precede it, such as relationship astrology and some predictive techniques, to the very examples of horoscopes for the wedding time.


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