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There are many benefits available to ISAR members, but we’re absolutely convinced that ISAR’s International Astrologer will be at the very top of your list!

This membership-only journal offers a diverse selection of quality articles from every avenue of astrological interest — from mundane to political/celebrity analysis to “how-to” columns on research and financial astrology. We’ve got book reviews, conference information, and timely community news. In short, we do our best to include something for everyone in each and every issue. We also insist that our authors write clearly, simply, and concisely in terms that everyone can understand and appreciate. So you’ll be able to learn new techniques and absorb new research pointers quite easily. You will love the pictures of members and the activities we do in the name of ISAR and astrology in over 45 countries around the world.

Victoria Peltz Smoot, Editor
Richard Smoot, Publisher

Authors Wanted

We also welcome all ISAR members to be part of ISAR’s International Astrologer by being one of its authors! Your knowledge of astrology is valuable to all of us. ISAR does have a review process and copy editors to assist you in reviewing your article. If accepted and printed, ISAR does pay a small stipend for your work while you still retain all your author’s rights. ISAR is committed to education of all of its members and the public regarding astrology.

Be part of our team and consider writing an article. For more information and article submission, contact our IIA Editor, Victoria Peltz Smoot. Publishing and technical inquiries should be directed to the IIA Publisher, Richard Smoot.

ISAR’s International Astrologer is published three times per year and uses the following schedule for publication:

Issue Author’s deadline
April January 15th
August May 15th
December September 15th

Authors Guidelines

The ISAR International Astrologer (IIA) is the publication of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). Our organization’s purpose is to assist and encourage the development and use of techniques relevant to astrological research, astrological education, and a sense of community among a diverse membership. In the process, we set high professional standards of competence in the field of astrology. We on the staff of the International Astrologer take our jobs seriously. We’re looking for material that is simply, clearly and objectively stated. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a student – if you have something to teach us, some research to share or some philosophical thoughts on applying astrology to life, we’d like to hear from you. We are looking for quality articles of general interest to all levels of astrologers and students, whether natal, mundane, event, horary, or financial in thrust. The mission of our publication is to present articles that adhere to a high standard of quality in astrological journalism.

The IIA Journal Editorial Staff reserves the right to refuse any submissions and to edit all manuscripts chosen for publication. Queries are appreciated. Mailed articles not accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage will not be returned. Payment is $10.00 to $50.00 for previously unpublished articles.


The International Journals are keepsakes! Our members hold on to them and refer to them often, so your ads will work for you for much longer than a single season. In addition, you’ll be helping to support a non-profit research organization that’s dedicated to preserving and maintaining a positive, professional reputation for astrology – which will benefit us all!

Your product or service does not need to be astrological. Many of our members and supporters have other businesses which need advertising – so please do consider networking through placing an ad in our journal

ISAR Journal Advertising Rates and Information

Advertising Size   Rate
Outside Back Cover Color 8.75″ Height by 11.25″ Width  /  22.23 cm Width by 28.57 cm Height $400.00
Inside Front Cover Page Color 6.75″ Height by 10.00″ Width  /  17.15 cm Width by 24.1 cm Height $375.00
Inside Front Cover Face Page – #1 7.75″ Width  by 10.00″ Height  /  19.68 cm Width  by 24.1 cm Height $325.00
Inside Front Cover Face Page – #2 7.75″ Width  by 10.00″ Height  /  19.68 cm Width  by 24.1 cm Height $325.00
Inside Back Cover Color 6.75″ Height by 10.00″ Width  /  17.15 cm Width by 24.1 cm Height $350.00
Inside Back Cover Face Page 6.75″ Height by 10.00″ Width  /  17.15 cm Width by 24.1 cm Height $315.00
Full Page 6.75″ Height by 9.50″ Width  /  17.15 cm Width by 24.1 cm Height $300.00
1/2 Page Vertical 3.25″ Height by 9.50″ Width  /  8.26 cm Width by 24.1 cm Height $180.00
1/2 Page Horizontal 4.50″ Height by 6.75″ Width  /  11.43 cm Width by 17.15 cm Height $180.00
1/4 Page Vertical 3.25″ Height by 4.875″ Width  /  8.26 cm Width by  11.4 cm Height $135.00
Business Card 3.50″ Height by 2.00″ Width  /  5.1 cm Width by 8.9 cm Height $45.00
Classified Ad 30 Words (excluding name) $35.00

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Email for availability of any of the four cover pages.
All other ad spaces are always available.
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Ad specifications

Your advertisement must be sized to the specifications above and be publication ready. This mean your ad copy needs to be printed and black & white or color, exactly to way you want it to appear. Advertisements must be high resolution (300 dpi) either as jpegs or PDF’s.  ISAR International Astrologer reserves the right to refuse inappropriate or non-publication ready ads.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish, send your advertisements in color. The printed journal advertisements will be black & white (except for the covers), however, the journal digital web version is in color so if you choose, you can have your ad in color and we can convert to black & white for you. We cannot convert black & white to color.

Please, send advertisements to Richard Smoot at [email protected]. Email with questions, or for availability, and payment instructions for Four Cover Pages Placements.

If payment is by check, or money order, they should be sent, and made out to “ISAR” Attn: E. Merrell P.O. Box 358945, Gainesville, FL 32635-8945 USA.

Ads must be accompanied with payment to secure your placement. Please specify the issue(s) in which you would like your ad to appear.

Advertising Contact information:

Advertising ManagerVictoria Smoot [email protected]