Nina Gryphon – Horary for Neophytes

Horary is the ancient art of answering questions without need for a birth horoscope. It’s the closest astrological technique to divination that provides a full picture of a situation’s past, present, and future. Learn how to approach a horary chart and find your answer, and how to dig deeper for details. Nina Gryphon will teach you the basics of this venerable technique in this information-packed talk. This talk is perfect for intermediate astrologers or advanced astrologers who want to dip their toes into horary, or improve existing horary skills.


– Join in the fun with an interactive talk with many example charts

– Learn tips and tricks of the trade from an experienced horary astrologer

– This short lecture includes the basics you need to get started judging horary charts

Full video at: ISAR STAR CLUB
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