R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2023

Full Moon in Virgo, 7 March 2023, 12:40:19 GMT, 16° 40 ́ Virgo

The full moon in Virgo brings forth a greater awareness to our necessities, needs and skills in service to others. Virgo-Pisces polarity deals with service and health as well as the importance of giving and receiving in a selfless manner. During this period of time, there is much stronger emphasis in Pisces. Indeed, at this full moon Saturn enters Pisces bringing new roles and duties in the collective and humanitarian efforts. Hence the full moon in Virgo accentuates the necessity to be more precise, attentive and service oriented. Around this full moon there is much awareness as well as stress on our productiveness, efficacy and practical applications in many aspects of human life, be it health, social work and utilities and services.

On the other hand, Mars is still in out of bounds and bring certain irritability to this full moon having a superior square from Gemini. In this period, we can expect disputes, divisive talks and certain ambiguousness due to approaching Mars-Neptune square on the 14th March. Indeed, around this date, there will be a combination of aspects between Sun-Mars and Neptune as well the ruler of this full moon, Mercury. These transits might bring evasiveness, ignorance, insecurity and uncertainty in our action and wants.

Meanwhile,  Uranus which was highly emphasized in the latest fullmoon in Leo is still around the 15th degree of Taurus where its reflection falls on the 0 cardinal degree. Uranus also catalyses significant change and release of old patterns and structures as it is seen in trine aspect with this full moon.

The stellium in Pisces and Neptune is seen culminating on the midheaven for London, UK. With Cancer rising and the lights in the axis of 3rd/9th houses, there would be a growing awareness in international concerns as well as changing circumstances in the neighboring countries. The matters and circumstances relating to the press, media and the government could be quite confusing, complex or directionless around this time. The presence of Neptune on the MC might also be effective for Madrid, Spain.

Meanwhile, Pluto descends on the horizon in the last degree of Capricorn, crossing over Netherlands, in the western regions of Germany, as well as western parts of Italy. Having both outer planets almost in paran relationship along these places, might be related with complex and obscure issues. These would be environmental, social or related with controls over destructive and clandistene groups or societies.

On the other hand, both benefics, Venus and Jupiter in Aries culminate over Poland, Sweden, Finland, as well as entire Eastern Europe, especially in Slovakia, Hungary and all of the ex-Yugoslavian republics. The events relating to prominent figures, leadership, popularity, certain growth or confidence might be noteworthy as news.

New Moon in Aries, 21 March 2023, 17:23:06 GMT, 00° 49 ́  Aries

This is most striking new moon which heralds strong currents of change and dynamism since it occurs quite close to the Vernal Equinox. A new moon in Aries after all contains new beginnings, initiatives and life bringing energies. However this one is the most interesting as it connect with all of the outer planets. First it occurs after the conjunction of Neptune in the late degrees of Pisces, it happens on the cardinal degree where Uranus also happens to be, moreover it makes a sextile aspect with Pluto which is about to enter Aquarius in a few days on the 23th of March. Hence this would be a time which is full of great winds of change and much unpredictable. Big changes can be expected in terms of social and political movements including reforms but this new moon can signify disturbing and tumultuos events. Indeed, the ingress of the Pluto in Aquarius would be an alarm bell for change and disruption for many years to come. Interestingly, the next new moon will be a solar eclipse in the same sign thus bringing much more focus into this fiery and renewing Aries energy.


Furthermore, Mars, the ruler of this new moon and the next, which has been in Gemini for many months, (still our of bounds) will be entering in cardinal sign of Cancer on the 25 March and hence activates this lunation from the very start. It certainly appears that the last week of March is indeed to be very prominent in terms of nationalistic concerns, leadership as well as changes in warring conditions.


Indeed this lunation shows striking charts for USA, western Europe and China.


For Washington, DC, USA the degree of the new moon as well as Mercury culminates on the midheaven. This would be a major concern for the current administration and a call for action. Mercury which has just made a superior conjunction with the Sun seems also relevant for important decisions, communications and manoeuvering. Rising Cancer represents events relating to national concerns, defense and immediate needs and answers. On the other hand, Mars which is almost on the anaretic degree in the 12th house might indicate invisible but disturbing elements and its entry in Cancer can be quiet noisy. As many planets weigh in the diurnal part of the chart, there will be much emphasis on certain goals and administrative objectives. This new brings much action as both angles and the lights in the cardinal signs.

Many parts of Europe, especially Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy show Mars culminating while the new moon in the 7th house. This is especially noteworthy for Berlin and Rome.  The new moon chart for Berlin emphasize much cardinality. The cardines at the early degree of Aries and Cancer. Moreover Mars has just culminated and is seen ready to enter the 10th house. Diplomatic actions and much offensive issues can be high on the agenda while the new appears on the horizon. Probably, starting from 25 March, urgency can be more visible in politics, in things regarding administrative actions. These actions could be closely related with neighboring countries since Libra falls in the 3rd house of German national chart. Since Aries is rising in the 2022-2023 solar return and Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house, again we can witness growing concerns about warring conditions. This well may be related with the ongoing war in Ukraine.

On the other hand, for Beijing, China Mars once again in an angular place on the descendant. Sagittarius rising sign brings much emphasize in the matters of the 5th house and this may be related to the desire to show its presence, power and role in leadership, certain assertiveness in national matters or may be the things related to younger people. Jupiter on the IC can be related with the things having international concern as well as matters pertaining to home security and land.


This text is completed on 8 February 2023.

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