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R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2021

The full moon in Aquarius, 24 July 2021 The Aquarius full moon which will occur on the 24th of July falls on the midpoint of ME/SA and will trigger previous conjunctions of Mars-Saturn (31.3.2020) and Jupiter/Saturn (21.12.2020) in Aquarius. Especially when these conjunctions are highlighted we need to address the events which we have been […]

Ana Andrade and Vanesa M. Chiappe – Lights, Camera and Antiscia!

Vanesa passed away unexpectedly in 2020 at an early age and this article is a tribute to her career and her contribution to the international astrological community. This article was originally published in English in the ISAR International Astrologer Magazine, August 2013 issue. All charts calculated with Solar Fire – Astrolabe, Inc. INTRODUCTION  The cinema […]

Zdenek Bohuslav – History of Spiritual Societies in the Czech Republic in Relation to Hermeticism

Hermeticism – an applied philosophy of personal development through spiritual exploration and practice of alchemy, astrology and magic with roots in ancient Greece, Egypt and Babylonia.  Today’s form of Hermeticism was encouraged and is connected with the French occultists Eliphas Levi, Papus, and Stanislas de Guaita. Through them, traditional Hermeticism was enriched by Martinism, a […]

Ricardo Andrade Arancibia – Discussing Neptune’s nebula under the wing of Romanticism: romanticizing as an answer to reality

When hearing the word romanticism, our imagination would probably collide with loving images, sickly sweet phrases and clichés; as if “love” was just a pile of wet kisses, teddy bears, gifts and greasy chocolates, meaning absolute devotion and death’s defeat. Such is the way this concept has currently acquired, and, for sure, the way in […]

Claudia Rizzi – Chiron in a provoking challenge: Eva Duarte de Peron

This article is a transcript of the conference given by Claudia Rizzi at the UAC Congress – 2012 All charts calculated with Solar Fire – Astrolabe, Inc.   The position of Chiron in an individual’s chart can cause extreme pressure that surpasses normal limitations for changes in the society where they live. In certain points […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for July 2021

Full moon in Capricorn, 24 June 2021 There is a full moon in the early degrees of Capricorn which is nicely aspected by Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter will have turned retrograde a few days before this lunation. Neptune is also about to retrograding around this time. This full moon appears to bring helpful and more […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for June 2021

Plenty of Jupiter during eclipse season Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 26 May 2021 Here again, we are sailing highly charged times denoted by lunar nodes where eclipses manifest powerfully around this time of the year. An emphasis on Gemini-Sagittarius brings forward issues relating to communication of ideas, different ethos, faiths and religions as well as […]