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ISAR Competency Examination

Proctor: Richard Smoot

United States

lundi, août 5, 2019 @ 10:00 - 6:00 EDT

Fee: $195

Registrations are closed for this event

Registrations are closed for this event

The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) will be sponsoring its Competency Exam on August 5, 2019 in Lakewood, Ohio (Cleveland). This is your personal invitation to attend and participate. This exam is a required step toward certification with Consulting Skills and an Ethics exam being the other required components.

When: Monday, August 5, 2019 from 10am to 6pm. This includes breaks and lunch.

Where: Holistic Health and Healing Center of Cleveland, 15522 Madison Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Cost: $195.00 USD

Payment: Upon acceptance of your application (Contact Richard Smoot at for application) please let us know if you will attend. If you will take the exam we will send you an invoice from PayPal for payment.



We have attached a variety of materials you will want to review and use as a study guide. There are no other materials, because it is ISAR’s belief that professional astrologers will already know the material. However, we have attached tips on taking the exam, areas covered by the exam, and sample questions.

Most important is the application form that needs to be completed and returned to me, Richard Smoot, at


Travel & Accommodations:

If you are traveling from outside the Cleveland area, hotel accommodations are easily accessible and reasonably priced. There are also a number of active AirBnB’s ( 44107 or 44116 Zip Codes) and transportation by Lyft and Uber are easily available. Our office in Lakewood is only 20 minutes from Cleveland International Airport (CLE).


About the exam

Those seeking a CAP (Certified Astrological Professional) designation from ISAR must demonstrate competence in astrology by passing an exam. The exam is given at many conferences throughout the world. It is an open-book exam and you can use whatever texts or materials you think you will need. However, you cannot be connected to the Internet while taking the exam, if you are using a computer.

There are three main parts to the ISAR Competency Exam:

  1. Combination of true/false and multiple-choice questions. The material covered is varied and follows the outline on the next column.
    1. Overview: history of astrology, an understanding of the various applications of astrology,     basic astronomy as applied to astrology, symbolism, and knowledge of chart calculations. You           will not be asked to actually calculate a chart but various questions on the process will determine    knowledge in chart calculations.
    2. Forecasting skills, including secondary progressions, return charts, transits, eclipses and lunations.
    3. Synastry and relationships including chart comparison, family patterns, miscellaneous relationships and group dynamics.
  2. Short-answer questions that may require a sentence or short paragraph.
  3. In-depth essay-type questions on various charts are asked in order to demonstrate interpretive skills.
    These will include a natal chart, a compatibility analysis between two charts, a solar return and a secondary progression with transits. You will not be required to interpret a whole chart, only     the portions that pertain to specific questions. The charts will be provided.

The exam is limited to six hours in length, and a lunch break will be given. A passing grade is 70%. An application must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam where it is given in order to allow time for processing.

If a passing grade of 70% is achieved, a certification will be recorded in ISAR’s records and a certificate will be mailed to you.

Feel free to contact Richard Smoot (exam proctor) at 1-734-389-5014 or at for more information or questions you may have.

Richard Smoot