R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2023

Full Moon in Cancer, 6 January 2023, 23:07:52 GMT, 16° 21 ́ Cancer

The first impressions of the year come with the full moon in defensive Cancer. Interestingly, the full moon chart shows half full half void, a bowl type indicating that there is much self-containment, looking at things in black and white matter, thus a strong awareness of opposing forces. Indeed, the last conjunct of the Moon was Mars in Gemini which will be direct stationary in a few days on the 12th of January. Mars is still out of bounds. By all accounts, there is much polarization, defensiveness, and anger in the air. Here the Moon in her rulership brings much change, an openness to the outer influences, hesitations, and security consciousness. As the Moon depicts the people at large, difficult conditions during winter and certain vulnerabilities have been noticeable. These conditions will also be seen through MA/SA midpoint which is at 15° 41“ of Aries implying survival, frustration, and blockages.


This full moon in Cancer also highlights the messenger Mercury which has been retrograde since the last days of 2022. As opposition shows deficiencies and needs, it may not be easy to have smooth communication and reach any type of agreement. On the other hand, the involvement of Uranus might suggest much change in the air and shifting economic conditions. Indeed the latest solar eclipse that occurred in Scorpio (25 October 2022) is ready to bring its deeply transformative effect to the fore during these days. Our vulnerabilities, fears, and economic security need are much at stake, now. Rising interest rates and inflation would bring much more restrictions for the global economy.


The full moon is seen culminating around central Europe in which the Moon is close to the midheaven around Berlin, western borders of Poland, Prague, Czech Republic, Vienna, Austria, Slovenia, and southern Italy around Napoli. These regions could be more susceptible to potential issues regarding the populace as well as problems of security and shelter. Since Libra ascended at this lunation for central Europe, diplomacy and opposing forces are much highlighted. See below the full moon chart for Berlin, Germany.


The fixed star Rukbat (alpha Sagittarius) on the knee of Archer falling close to the Sun and Mercury might indicate that certain strength and concentration are given to domestic matters and things related to domestic security, particularly in and around central Europe.

Stationary direct Mars becomes angular in the western parts of India, particularly for Mumbai. Sagittarius rising and Mars in the 7th house might result in religious strife and ideological disputes. Since the cultural diversity is immense here, a potential conflict can be easily ignited between Hindus and Muslims in this period. Mars also rules the 12th house in the full moon chart. See below the full moon chart for Mumbai, India.

This full moon at 16° 21 ́ Cancer falls closer to the Sun in the Sibley chart of the USA. While Leo rises, the lights fall in cadent places which suggests diminished powers of administration and much more vulnerability for President Biden. The full moon chart is below.

New Moon in Aquarius, 21 January 2023, 20:53:13 GMT, 01° 32 ́  Aquarius

This is a quiet dynamic and daring period. The new moon in Aquarius appears to make a square aspect to the latest solar eclipse in Scorpio while Mars is recovering from its return cycle but it is still out of bounds in Gemini. New moons in Aquarius tend to stimulate humanist thoughts as well as çivil rights and freedoms. This period would be noteworthy for leaders as well as rulers and dictators. Governmental changes and political shifts can also be observed. An encouraging sextile aspect from Jupiter to the lunation degree can highlight new hopes, and positive leadership as well as promote scientific progress. Certain groups and political movements which support liberties and social rights would be more visible and effective. The new moon degree is also seen conjunct with the fixed star Altair (in the constellation of Aquila, alpha Aquila) indicating a free-spirited, courageous and daring attitude.


The new moon for Paris, France reflects unstable conditions in which workers and public services would be more prone to contesting. The rising sign Virgo and emphasis in the 6th house indicate certain vulnerabilities for public order and health. Public servants, doctors, or officials might be on the agenda. Meanwhile, Mars in the 10th house might bring many disputes or a belligerent atmosphere in the administration. Furthermore, Neptune on the descendant represents weakening events that could be misleading or deceptive. See the new moon chart below.

This Aquarius new moon is also striking for Tehran, Iran as the lights are at the IC. Meanwhile, Libra rising (in via combusta) accentuates the 5th house which is related to the youth, self-expression, and the will of the people. The 5th house, along with Mars in the 9th house reflects a more confronting attitude in the public however, the conjunction of Venus (the ASC ruler) with Saturn indicates hard and uncompromising restrictions on women and the public, creating certain discontentment. See the chart below.


This text is completed on 13 December 2022.

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