ISAR Global Directors are volunteer ISAR representatives from different countries. Generally, they’re already professional astrologers with decades of experience and well-positioned in the astrological community. Our global directors are key to fulfilling ISAR’s mission to make astrology globally accessible, in as many languages as possible. Global directors are proud to be part of ISAR and we’re grateful for their expertise, time, energy, and commitment. Together, we make ISAR and our astrological community better. Starting summer 2021, we will honor one special global director each season to show our gratitude and appreciation for all that they do.

Below are some of the Global Director Responsibilities – you can see why they mean so much to us all. The Global Director of the Season is the one fulfilling these duties best of all.

  • Translate the main ISAR website into their language – up to 10 pages of translation
  • Startup (if not already done) their country’s ISAR domestic Facebook page
  • Translate rules and guidelines and pin at the top of their domestic Facebook page
  • Post in their ISAR domestic Facebook page five times a week
  • Communicate with the community and promote ISAR membership
  • Readiness to cooperate within the set ISAR FB dynamic or IN
  • Willingness and ability to fulfill the requirements ISAR expects from GDs regarding posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Send ISAR four articles in English, four in their domestic language, and four translated from English into their domestic language
  • Organize and host a Star Club in their domestic language
  • Promote ISAR educational and certification programs 
  • Record short or long astrological videos
  • Subtitle a translation of an already existing English ISAR webinar
  • Submit an annual report
  • Write a short history of astrology from their country’s perspective in their domestic and English language