Asdrúbal Moreno Fereda

GD for Chile

My name is Asdrúbal Moreno Fereda. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, the 10/02/1979 at 8:25 am. I live in Santiago de Chile since 1/04/2006. I studied Finances in Venezuela. I´m a Business Administration Engineer. I have studied Astrology since 2013. I received my CAP certification on 2018. Nowadays I´m a professor at the Centro Astrológico de Chile. Senior ontological coach, PCC-ICF, mentor accompanying the training and certification of ontological coaches. Workshop r on generative leadership, experiential learning, change management, co-creating successful teams, communication based on personalities, self-care. Experience in leading work teams, monitoring quality and production indicators. Development, training and motivation of employees to achieve the objectives of the area and the organization. Coaching collaborators in times of change. Ability to work comfortably under pressure as well as possessing the skills of effective communication, negotiation, and change management. My vision is to delivered a high standards astrology to my students and consultants and for that I´m studying all the time, it’s an ongoing path and improving my astrological knowledge.