Felicia Jiang

GD for China

Hi, my English name is Felicia Jiang. In China we put our “family names” first – what you call a last name – Jiang, but my given name is Ying – what you call a first name.  So, in China I am Jiang Ying.

I’ve been a serious student of astrology for the last 12-years, having begun my study in 2007.  Previously, my educational background is in chemistry, economics, and business administration. My work background is in finance; I worked in “Mergers and Acquisitions” for many years.  In 2008, I began to study online with David Railey, and in 2009 translated his book “The Soul Purpose” into simplified Chinese for Mainland China. Then in 2010, I began Nodoor.com – partnering with David Railey in the development of what was one of the first astrology websites in China; certainly the first serious more professional astrology website. Nodoor quickly evolved into an organization for education and training in astrology. We invited many prominent astrologers to teach workshops and webinars for Nodoor, which gave me the opportunity to learn even more from some of the best astrologers in the world.

I found astrology at a time when I felt lost in my life.  Astrology provided a way for me to begin to understand the meaning of life, the connection between the universe and human being and completely changed my view of the world and life.  I am very grateful for astrology. I don’t know why I am part of this great heritage, but I hope that I can also do something for astrology so more people can get comfort, enlightenment, and wisdom from astrology like I have.

I think a lot about how astrology can make more contributions to society.  I’m interested in training astrologers who are dedicated and committed to doing sessions to help people.  In addition, I am quite interested in the combination of astrology and alternative healing methodologies. Plus, I would like to see more research projects in astrology, especially outcome based studies that track astrologer/client history, as well as statistical research that might help astrology to gain more mainstream credibility. My wish for the field of astrology is to see this promising profession serve the happiness of more people.

Astrology contains such valuable knowledge for human society, and yet, so few people know this knowledge. Finding ways to spread the knowledge of astrology to more people is something I work at everyday. Moreover, just pondering “why” astrology is not better understood by mainstream society and academia. There are many things we can and should do together.

ISAR provides us with a way to work together, “for a better astrology for a better world!” Please unite with us and let’s create the future for astrology that we wish to see.