Isabel Guimaraes

GD for Portugal

Isabel Guimarães was born in 1972, Graduated in business management, with an M.B. A. Her  interest in astrology starts early, and in 2003 decides to take his first training in this area at U.P. N (Professional University of the North) in the city of Porto. Her acquired knowledge goes farther and begins to specialize in Brazil in; Astrology Past Lives and Genetic Inheritances and Karma, Methods of Marc Jones, Solar and Lunar Revolutions, Astrological Calculus, Psychological Astrology by the Huber Method, Medical Astrology.

In 2008 Isabel went to Brazil to carry out its professional certification in “Consulting Skills”, by ISAR (International Society Is Astrological Research), and in 2013 concluded the 2nd stage and in 2017 in the Servia concluded the C.A.P of ISAR, and in 2018 receives the certification of the same institution in is school of astrology founded in 2007, undergoing a redesign in 2014, with the national certification of Dgert/ Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations).

Since 2006, she deepened other areas, always training in professional qualification such as: Reiki -Rule of the Portuguese Association of Reiki -Mount Kurama -NCPR (Preparatory course for therapists of Reiki), Cure Pranic -Socorrism-Basic Life Support, Introduction to Buddhist Meditation with Sagara Priya – Mindfulness Institute, NLP-neurolinguistic programming, for Chunking-Up, International certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy by LCCH (London College Of Clinical Hypnosis) , Psychology Multifocal by the University of the Future with the MPS Institute of Intelligence Protocol European Intelligence Systems of Augusto Curry, Psychosomatic by the University of the Future with the Protocol of the Institute of Intelligence, and MPS European Intelligence Systems, Technique in Family Constellations, by Uniet-Universidad Holistic, certified by Abrath, Master in Alternative Medicine, Naturopathy and Therapist by INESEM certified Business School in Europe.

Certified Trainer since 2007, by the School of Business and Management (ENA), Professional Trainer Homologated by IEFP-C.A.P an C.C.P.

She is the President and founder of the Portuguese Association of Astrology-ASPAS in 2011 and and a member in ISAR since 2009, becoming its Global Director in 2017. She is the founder and director of the school of astrology Facesisabelguimarães. Isabel is the author of several books of astrology, writes weekly to one of the biggest newspapers of the country, and, for 5 years had its television program named “Ask the Astrology”, and writes for several magazines on a monthly basis. She has been a participant in several international Congress and organizes events and Congresses in Portugal.