Jelena Đurđan

GD for Croatia

Jelena Đurđan lives in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated Astrology in July 2021 at the Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.

She has been an astrology consultant for 20 years (with greater intensity in the last 5 years). Her main areas of interest are Natal Astrology with predictive techniques, Relationship Astrology, as well as Electional Astrology and since recently Karmic Astrology.

She plans to continue with her education in astrology and attend the ISAR qualification exam in Belgrade, in 2022.

She has an active knowledge of English language and passive knowledge of French language.

Astrology as a science of life and human nature has always fascinated her.

She started to study astrology in high school, first independently through books and lectures and since 2017 she studied astrology at the Astrology Institute Johannes Kepler in Belgrade, Serbia which further improved and deepened her knowledge and her work with clients.

She had an opportunity to learn from Aleksandar Imsiragic throughout this study and to attend international astrological conferences in Belgrade.

Jelena has an interest in many fields related to personal development such as philosophy, spirituality and alternative healing (Essene, Reiki). This led her to meditation in the early age of her life.

Therefore, she has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years and has been a yoga teacher for personal development in Divine Energy Park – an international organization for development of consciousness and health, with humanitarian activities and work with children in Croatia and India. One of her main roles in this organization is her work as an astrology consultant.

In addition, her love for music led her to study violin for 15 years and she has a background in classical music.

If she is supposed to briefly describe her passions, then this would be astrology and meditation. They complement each other perfectly, both in her personal work and her work with clients.

She has always been open to further education and development of knowledge of this remarkable science, as well as to bring astrology to the highest possible level to everybody else.