Jelena Lemot

GD for France

Jelena Lemot is an ISAR CAP certified professional astrologer and is ISAR Global Director for France. She has more than 20 years of experience in astrology and is a member of the FDAF (Fédération des Astrologues Francophones) and the RAO (Rassemblement des Astrologues Occidentaux).

A native of Belgrade, Serbia, she is living and working in France, near Toulouse since February 2008.

In 1994, she graduated from the university in Belgrade as an agricultural engineer with a degree in Agroeconomy.

In parallel with her brilliant career in business and the food industry (sales and marketing) with positions of manager, then director, Jelena has been passionately involved in astrology and in working with her clients.

Her new life in France and the astrological “good moment”, began when Uranus made a transiting opposition to her natal Uranus, and made a radical shift in her career, and she became a full-time astrologer.

Then, in 2012, Jelena became a professional astrologer ISAR CAP, thanks to the Comprehensive Astrology Studies Program at the ISAR-affiliated Kepler Institute in Belgrade.

In 2015, she created a concept of group-based astrological work that she named Astro-coaching 3D®.

She teaches individual and group astrology classes and is regularly present at local shows, organizes and attends conferences of local and national importance, as well as on the Internet.

Her great pleasure lies in researching, sharing, and transferring astrological knowledge, as well as in working with her clients.

Her specialties are natal astrology and relationship astrology. Her astrological orientation is coaching by astrology based on both traditional and modern astrological techniques.