Nunzia Coppola

GD for Italy

ISAR Global Director for Italy Nunzia Coppola (spiritual name Meskalila) is a D.F. Astrol.S (Diploma Holder from the Faculty of Astrological Studies), Counsellor in Psychosocial Gestalt, and President of Associazione Culturale Jayavidya. She lived in India for 15 years where she followed the paths of Tantra with Guru Langta Baba and Jay Kali Brahma Mahi Tārā Mahākāla Vināsini. In Assisi, she has trained children with severe multiple disabilities using Nada Yoga. She has lectured for the Faculty of Sociology, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Course of Sociology of the religions. Nunzia received the Global Outstanding Astrologer Award, the Woman Astrologer 2016 Award and the Honorary Doctorate in Astrology (Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Kolkata). An active member of several associations she has published many articles and several books. Her last volume is “The Moon and her Goddesses: a karmic astrological path”, Edizioni Librarie Capone. Nunzia conducts workshops through global myths, and combining Gestalt Counselling, Astrology and Meditation to help people expanding their life. Nunzia is founder, teacher and prime of SAI, Scuola Astravidya Internazionale where the combination of Ancient East and Modern West astrological Methods are combined to develop a unique and profound method of Karmic Astrology. On behalf of CIDA and Cultural Association Jayavidya she is Director and Founder of the annual International Conference of Astrology in Perugia.