Patricia Nicolaou

GD for Cyprus

Patricia studied Italian literature at the L’Universita di Stragnieri in Perugia Italy. Then in 2005, she became a Field Officer at the Cyprus’ Red Cross and worked at this position until 2008.

She began her studies in astrology and has since received numerous certifications, in areas such as political, natal, horary and karmic astrology and synastry in 2007.

From 2008 until 2013 Patricia became a freelance astrologer providing personal counselling astrology. She also appeared as a guest in numerous radio and television shows in Cyprus providing various presentations and astrological predictions. She was also involved in writing of articles in various newspapers and hosted her own astrological TV show for a year in 2010.

Patricia opened her own office “STARSYMBOL CENTRE” in 2013 that deals with personal counselling astrology, mundane and forensic astrology, and horary and karmic astrology. The centre also successfully provides courses and several astrological seminars and lectures.

She has also become an author and has successfully published various Mundane and Political Astrology books since 2016.