Paula Belluomini

GD for Brasil

Paula Belluomini, ISAR CAP, is a practicing astrologer currently serving as ISAR Global Director for Brazil. Her main areas of interest include Traditional and Modern astrology, focused on Natal with predictive techniques, relocational, relationship analysis, as well as Electional and Mundane. More recently, Horary astrology has piqued her interest because of its practicality and ability to answer questions in a more objective way.

In addition to providing astrological consultations, Paula contributes with the Opportunity Periods for the Daily Planetary Guide by Llewellyn’s, teaches, gives lectures on specific astrological topics, writes daily posts about current astrological events and participates in research/study groups always continuing her education on the stars.

Aside from astrology, Paula has a degree in Marketing and is an experienced graphic and web designer who often creates artwork with astrological themes.

email: [email protected]