Ryuichi Ishizuka

GD for Japan

Soon after beginning astrological study in 1992, Ryuichi realized that astrology is best utilized through self application.  Who is the best person to give each symbol a concrete meaning?  It is the owner of the chart him/herself, of course!  Having learned the essence of astrology from Kiyoshi Matsumura and Noel Tyl (graduated from Master Course in 2017), Ryuichi is practicing, teaching, translating and writing about astrology for more than 20 years.  Currently, Ryuichi has various kinds of regular astrological study groups and lectures with his headquarter at Astrology Study Group in Okurayama in Yokohama city, Japan (https://www.astro-okurayama.com/).  Ryuichi also is involved in Noel Tyl Astrology movement in Japan with Hiroki Niizato.
Vision Statement as Global Director for Japan:
I have been working on spreading good astrology to people in Japan.  In order to do that, you have to understand various branch of astrology and cooperate, because astrology consists of various fields and approaches just like our solar, galaxy or cosmic system consists of various stars.  I myself am interested in various branch of astrology, would like to share and grow together.  ISAR activity seems to suit me very naturally.  In face of Great Mutation which will start an air cycle in earnest in late 2020, and we had better go over the local border and cooperate in a global scale.  Astrology is one of the greatest hope which could give an objective picture of what is going on in our society and culture in order to re-balance some of the established structure which may already have been too much in favor of the element earth.  Let us cooperate to bring wonderful future with astrology as a guide!