Zdeněk Bohuslav

GD for Czech Republic

Education: Czech Technical University in Prague, faculty of electrical engineering 1969, Ph.D. in technical cybernetics from Czech Technical University 1979.

In Astrology from 1969, cofounder of Astrological Society of Czech Republic after fall of iron curtain in 1989, from 1996 it´s chairman, from 2000 ISAR international VP for Czech Republic. Organizer of IInd  European Astrological Congress Prague 1997, organizer of annual Czech astrological conference Eukarpia (2008 till today).

Professional astrological consulting since 1990; established his own School of Classical Astrology (1996 till today) and teaches there. Zdenek contributes monthly columns in Czech magazines Astro (1996-2008); Phoenix (1996-2015); Medunka (2006 till today). He is the Editor of Konstelace – revue of Astrological Society of Czech Republic (1996 till today); international lecturing from 2000; from 1978 deep regression therapy practitioner. He is the author of new a concept of planetary hours (1995) and new houses derived from them (2014) and their extension over polar circle (2018).