Hakan Kırkoğlu – Rumi: an astrological portrait

Stom special attention to the idea of ​​a book began reading about the ancient philosophy a few years ago. I focused on the Greek philosophy of life and wisdom I worked on more traditional astrology. After focusing on the relationship with some of the basics of Stoic philosophy and astrology in this conversation, Islam, Sufism and teaches particularly important point in his astrological chart and I'll talk about in terms of the mystic Rumi.

If we look at contemporary astrological debate, we saw more focused on issues such as self-recognition or our place in the universe; We recognize that we also have the freedom to choose and so we create our own future. Our astrology, the sun highlights the direction of our western civilization, particularly in terms of our perception of life is based on our capacity to dominate and be aware of ourselves, our environment and our will. But at the same time, we struggle with the problem of freedom. What we own up to, as well as questions such as can we talk about what we can do with a full liberty to ourselves our freedom and happiness we desire most in our lives the things that we need to ask how we found it.  

Happiness in life is the most important factor of Stoic thinking of ancient Greek philosophy. The founder of this important philosophy Citium'l of (today a city located in Cyprus) is Zeno. Stoicism's name is a Greek word that literally means Poikile and Painted Porch Stone came as Zenon speeches were made at the central square of Athens consists of painted porches. the overall philosophy of Zeno, peace of mind and is based on self-sufficiency. Stoics is an organic entity in the world that accepts them and all created by God's will, they believe, is part of a single plan. The universe is a creative fire (Pir Thecknico) is to see the fire and they are concentrated in the universe at different rates. Undoubtedly the most high God, the mind of this fire.

According to ancient Greek, Physics (Physics) words, materials science Physis (created by God – Nature) is derived from the word and as Nature. This in itself is the physical growth and, therefore, means that the growth method is a method of behavior and actions and the extension of this thing. In other words, it shows that there is a force that causes something to act and behave as it is. Therefore, each individual's own physis (nature) that are growth and behavior. This line of thinking or what we do in our destiny, Nature or God itself due to the physis, which is a part. The highest level of the mind Logos (logic), which derives from the Greek word le gein and also self-expression is meant to explain the creation. Therefore, all Nature is Logos (logic) and logos (logic) divine being or God.

Morally Stoic system based on a human, according to their nature and happy to have a peaceful mind, all should act as a part of nature and are expected to behave Erdem'l of such a person. Erdem is a definite term, requires the right person to do that all the time with him; The right thing is to be in harmony and human, when ten-year-old suddenly has emerged cause, because it is a gift of nature begins to change primitive impulses and why these changes are natural. Therefore the Son of man, this should be held in natural harmony and happiness can only be achieved if the right choice is made. All the world is ruled by God, and nothing in the world can not take place without his will. So the good man, destiny because everything is set and will accept everything, knowing that nothing can be changed because it is the will of God being perfect. Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca, is benevolent God and therefore nothing would be foolish to oppose him because he defends not change its perfection. People can adapt it with complacency or kicking and groaning in misery and evil. Adopt this way of life is what happens to you it ensures peace of mind of people. 

Stoic philosopher Seneca said:

Fate who wants to show the way, drags the unwilling.

Therefore, if a man seeks happiness, you must live in harmony with nature. Because human nature is rational and direct, sometimes it considered the things that are contrary to the impulse is undisciplined.

With arguments about acknowledging that we mention here the Stoic life there are many similarities between the philosophy of Sufism. Movement we know as Sufism, against a materialistic world in Syria as a combination of saintliness and Gnostic attitude, showing similarities with the Christian monastic life and probably a Buddhist, was born fed by Zoroastrian and Gnostic Hindu theosophical teachings. In the Christian and Sufi mysticism way to God, through the build intense relationship with God. Sufism is respectful perspective on the religion of God and the spiritual material to reach God, but to sacrifice himself and the outstanding amount from other disciplines.various names have been given to personal approach used to reach God zahed (ascetic), the dervishes (poor), health (spiritual sojourner on the road) arif (gnostic and Sufi).

"Sufi" word, Greek sophia (wisdom) comes from the word; SoFFin word or located outside the mosque in Medina, and the Prophet Muhammad's companions of ascetics of wearing wool sit on the stone benches or old shirts or the robes Muslim ascetics (SUF) is derived. This explanation is the most likely source because it was associated with Sufism previously withdrawn into seclusion in the Syrian desert.

Many had developed a mystical inner spirituality or the Sufi ulema, comes from the educated class of religious scholars. In contrast to the traditions of the people are concentrated in the inner attitude and orientation. On many Sufis from the second century, he worked at a lodge on the religious sciences. Here also the law (feqh) also can learn. General members of a Sufi dervishes sense rather than through hard work and that they are sometimes criticized for misinterpreting religious knowledge.

Sufi, the reigning spirit (nafs-i Ammar), the personality of the immortal soul purifies the pollution of worldly desires to be a part of God's spirit. Western scholars have commonly described this mood as the destruction of self-destruction, but so fans here, means the destruction of individual consciousness, as in the Buddhist nirvana.Sufis, called God's ingenuity and intuitive means and the detection means experimental features that belief.Ingenuity, not learning rules obtained by loving God.

Rumi, the Sufi poet best known in the Western world are as follows:

Love resides

Not learning not in knowledge not in pages and books…

You see, as long as you're longing to be loved but does not miss being worshiped And when no hope Endless drifting at sea on board a man of parts and pieces of wood and sea But fears remain backward Destroy man just sinking in…

One of the disciplines of worship prescribed for students' spiritual leader is told in the form of meditative repetition or remembrance of the divine name of the specific formula or mantra. There is a particular zikr or mantra taught by each teacher's students.

Sema ceremony, usually held at congregational speeches, a ceremony which consists of music or dance. Sufis, spiritual poverty, after having spent with fasting and seclusion for many years and can participate in the development of a certain mystical Sema Ceremony. In sema, mystical feelings are reinforced in order to approach closer to God.

Rumi map before examination as an astrological description of Sufism, I want to give some biographical information about his life.

Although a lot of different references, Mevlana Jalaluddin Muhammad was born September 30, 1207 in Balkh in Afghanistan at the moment. In those days, the city was a center of many scientists before being invaded by the Mongols. Mosques, was famous for its university and palaces. The economically developed, businessmen densely located, was a capital city on the Silk Road. Her father at an early age, "Faith and the glory of" Jalal al-Din gave the name means. Rumi name known in the West, is the name given in the geographical sense, because he lived in Anatolia but was later thought to mean Rome with the Islamic perspective. Anatolian peninsula, which belonged to the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire. And Arabs, Persians and Greeks by geographical area was known as Turks. 

Bahaeddin Veled. At that time, science and gnosis (knowledge gained through contemplation and intuition) people of the city center of Balkh, a great love Bahaeddin brat and he respected. You Balaed due to the Mongol invasion is not known exactly what the brat's Balkh when he emigrated. Closest students of Balkh, taking with him his assistant and his family had left. After spending some time in various places in the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Keykubad sending a messenger to invite him has arrived in Konya on. Rumi was 21 years old when they migrated. Rumi, in 1231 he lost his father, feeling a huge gap of 27 years old. Because not only had lost his father at the same time the sheikh and spiritual guides. Then Sayyid Burhaneddin was a student and he began to read the prayers and recite Kubreviyy methyll taught by a sheikh. Initially Sayyid Rumi kept locked in a room for forty days and led to the retreat. Although Rumi's father and teacher Sultanu'l-lot has been learned from the Ulema though Syed Burhanuddin Tirmidhi Aleppo to learn more about their religion and legal issues and recommended that he go to Damascus and sheikhs of together with Rumi several dervishes friends on this request he arrived in Aleppo. Rumi, when he returned to Anatolia he first went to Kayseri and visited the sheikh Seyyid Burhaneddin. They returned together to Konya. He died a few years after the turn Burhanuddin. Rumi, the madrasa (college) course gives, doing interviews with truth-seeking, answering questions and showing a side road to love God and warned them. This way Rumi, a scholar like his father in the religious sciences and other sciences became sultan and we also Gnostic in the area of Sufism was the sultan. 

Rumi's event will cause a big change in his life took place at about this time. Şemsettin Tabriz came to Konya. Rumi, a great scholar busy with classes, a cautious great Sufi and spiritual guide Shams Tabriz was strongly influenced by the poor. Him into an ardent lover of God. Rumi and Shams were together into a divine love; to deny the superiority between them or which were impossible to understand spiritual guidance which has been the students. "I am you and you me. I am the body, you're a soul. Then one of my individual, can not tell that you're different."

This coming together of two great saints had a real love for each other like a real God and not welcomed by people in the environment constantly spending time together. Rumi's disciples, his followers, hated Shams even important imams and religious leaders and even their family members because of the fact that the greatest influence on Rumi and Shams-owned, not by the power of love and fate and did not feel it.

Reading a book in a large part of the meeting room at the University of thwarting the time spent reflecting on the wisdom of Rumi's books. He did not allow anyone to see him. Those who came to see Rumi sit at the gate of the university, "What kind of brought a gift to show gratitude and beg? Show it to me, and I'll take you Rumi "he says. I was annoyed with this strange man one day and said: "You expect us to bring our thing what did you bring?" Shams replied: "I brought myself, I sacrificed my head for his sake." Shamsi, that things get out of control and all the people against him when she realized that the middle has disappeared. Shams in Konya was abandoned in February 15, 1246. Konya had stayed at 15 months and 20 days. When Shams returned to Konya, hostility and hatred once again emerged. Rumors began again on Shams. Soon the lies and provocations started, and out of control. This time the instigation was much more serious. He had no power to withstand insults and threats. Find the commitment and the fact that Rumi them, kept alive Shams. A few times the Sultan Brat had been a warning: "This I go so that nobody can find my trace. I will not find anyone to permit even after the disappearance. 'Killed by a definite enemy.' They will say that. "It happened, and they said Shams disappeared on a Thursday, December 1246. After the disappearance was whirling Rumi day and night and I could hear their cries everyone young and old. He gives the musicians all the gold and silver was donated to charity and everything. Despite all search failed to find Shams had lost all hope. Rumors that the men had come to the ears.Now Rumi, Shams had completely lost hope of finding the right call and he left. Shams in Damascus could not understand or had to find another place and found as Sultan Veled him in her heart. He found her, but her eyes were still looking for the heart as a friend Shams. Although parents, sons, friends, students and disciples could feel a great emptiness and loneliness in Rumi's around, though. Undoubtedly, the most friendly people is God. Does he not said: "Wherever you are, I'm with you." (57/4). Rumi, this truth is expressed as follows in one of his poems: "There is someone hidden. Do not think you're alone. "But Rumi, feel the inside and can share a sense of Shams as a friend of God, the mirror of the soul, the soul needed the horizon. Then Rumi mirror of the soul, Masnavi the second volume of which she expressed as the 96 string: " because of the popular same Spirit is not anywhere else. Loved the face from another world. The truth is from the world. It is blessed with a manifestation of God. Eyes of my heart when he could see with the eye, the truth can not see start seeing heart truth and integrates it. I saw you as an eternal and universal mirror. you have examined my body and my true appearance of the eye. in the end I said to myself: 'I put a bright path in his two eyes and I discovered the truth. 'My body, cried out his eye:' I was you and you was me. Between us there is integrity. we do not leave . ' "after Shams Rumi's heart-friendly, mirrors Konya spirit was Saladin. Rumi, spiritual loneliness with comrade and friend of heart he survived. he found peace and tranquility. you Chalabi after he died Saladin Hüsamed was Rumi's companion and assistant. Rumi, he began writing during this period from Masnavi of 1262. wrote up some nights Mesnevi morning. Chalabi is a great joy without getting tired or bored, and he continues to write in enthusiasm. Rumi, the print would forget the spiritual joy and excitement fatigue during.


Rumi's birth I made corrections to the map located in the biography is based on important dates, I just use the date September 30, 1207 and hour 05: 38 the life I realized that the most representative . I use only the terms and significant transition for certain events during this study, I scanned the entire day he was born, taking into account the fixed stars in the map. Although verify this hour, I made ​​contact with family members living in Istanbul and they give different information about the clock. The dates that I'm working on: 1) Rumi's meeting with Shams on 16 October 1244 2) going on Shams February 8, 1246 3) develop Shams May 1, 1247 4) Shams December 15, 1247 from the disappearance of 5) Rumi's death on December 10, 1273 followed by this date, and we released a map of 30 September 1207, Sun-we find Neptune opposition in the relationship as being the father can not deny that creates a huge impact on his life. These are all echoes of the father, a religious scholar and the sun will be put in place first home. Moreover, the fate intersects with Sun in the first house Libra, it reflected the fate of relations with his father's role. As well as Venus in Scorpio, passion and hatred in relation to Neptune meant literally. We saw that Sirius important transition for 05:38 before ranking for specific dates and progress is made ​​on the MC and Vega'yl an angle. As well as the theme of the fixed star Sirius, a sense of life and represented the combustion concept. This star was called immortality individuals under fire and this effect was sacrificed to gain fame and glory. This "burning" was a burst of energy. Vega was also a star and birth time and charisma and who had strong influence on the property. According to Bernadette Brady Vega was a big secret gift. For some people, this was achieved with some religious activities also will be expressed in art and music. I'd say that rectification I tell all of my work, but to pass on the rising degree of Saturn come together with Shams, Shams disappeared the ecliptic intersects with Sirius as seen Neptune coincided with the transition through mc's.Instead, we can examine the main astrological themes on this map. 

Venus reluctant (aversion) Neptune opposing both light 7. home (Neptune = Sun / Moon) Liz Greene, Neptune books, Neptune 7 says for those at home, " Neptune when 7 home into Heaven dream, and the individuals are protected, fed it and becomes impeccable integrity unconditionally loved it forever … you can play the love people seeking salvation in someone else's arms and a lousy partner trapped poor man or woman to "save" on behalf of their relationship to other people disrupt … Neptune 7 at home, longings, aspirations and viewed spell on others "in Sufism represents true love and affection in the sense Neptune's largest" fan "is closely related to one planet concept.Through Fan solved in order to merge with God, and we will do our ego. Fana, universal Bir'l to integrate narrow the "I" means that we get rid of our league, our intellectual boundaries to make a break. Neptune is not only at home but also 7. In Rumi's map location opposition with the light. It's the fourth harmonic of the chart, the individual's self-expression form of progress and shows the struggle with the environment; It represents the people's aspirations in ways that also Neptune conjunct with the MC. Neptune opposition is the most obvious reflection of the experience of others through extinction, which represents the best way for Shems's life. In addition, the universal love of Neptune, Venus looks so mundane aspects of the love principle in Scorpio.Unwillingness (aversion), long-term not won a clear victory in a war that is like blood feuds. Therefore, often seems to suffer for a long time because of the love in your life. 

There are no no fire element in the map is no fire there is a map of a person's birth, he was not the person's self-belief and shows that through people with this feature works to eliminate that need. Thus Rumi, Shams fascination with the wisdom and become dependent on it, is due to the strong need for this creative fire and make you feel the sense of being integrated with a. A Sufi, God destroys the self-ignition open and passionate way before longing fever Love is quite interesting as well be. 

Chances point and religion point adjacent Fortuna person's fate in general, bad luck, it shows the destiny. Of Rumi's fate is closely linked with religion is not surprising. So also assign their fourth home telling his father and root Capricorn and Saturn. This is another father and the religious house 9. home. His father was a religious scholar and 1 had a significant impact on the fate of the sun in the house. 

MC Cancer, strong family influence also represents the 10th house in Cancer influential on the fate of his family background. Cancer also shows the relevant and protective attitude towards the people. 

10. 9. Jupiter and Saturn rising home home-Kiron combination 10. exalted status on the home planet Jupiter, a religious leader's enthusiasm, represents wisdom and understanding in a human and has the best qualities of Jupiter in Cancer. Also 9 Saturn at home and Kiron reunion Map lived through the loss of his authority figures (his father's death, it refers to the damage caused by the Saturn-Chiron especially father figure) to bring the concept of pain and injury, maturation and show great effect. 

11. home Pluto symbolizes teamwork and efforts on social values ​​Rumi's 11th house Pluto, the fight revealed through relationships and groups formed around and show the change. 1. This position within sixty degree angle with the Sun gives him a social reformer and lived for change for the distortions in society. 

South node north node with Uranus in Aquarius is at home Uranus 11 with Pluto and is in the intersection with the South Node. Here in the north node in Aquarius 5th interesting ensure that a person working for the good of future home world through love. Only pious and respectful of God one was not also a social change pass on to others their inner longings, and ideals of brotherhood was human. Therefore, here Uranus, Uranus spiritual journey that donations are also symbolizes the spirit and reformation. 

The sun rises and sets with the stars par ones and others will talk about the most important position in the fixed stars as the last map. Balkh, Afghanistan was born on the day, from the history of his ancestors, Canopus indicating that a gift given with the features, was the star on the rise with the sun. These stars, to represent the treasure by our ancestors. Canopus a strong position in the leadership, guidance features and symbolizes the courage to try new paths and about to travel to different places in their lives. The sun is Scheat with falling star and falling stars, are stars that determine the mental tasks in a person's future and life. This star represents the goals to reach and motivate us for the trip. Scheat fixed stars, learning love and symbolizes the need to break from conventional thinking. This star of thinkers, philosophers and mental activities intensely interested in people's map is always visible. Hence Rumi's education and the ability to use the information plays an important role in this journey and leads to be in deep thought. Sirius and Vega, the angles for the map I made ​​the correction. As we mentioned before, Sirius, the respect of the Egyptians and "Shining" is the star they called. This is connected with the life-giving Nile, and a harbinger of great deeds. The earthly and become sacred symbols may be sacrificed for all of the individual. Such a powerful star can burn people and give them the reputation of people with this fire. Lyre (Lyra) located in the constellation Vega, is associated with magic and divine power. A person with charisma relationship to the other world and gives eloquence. It is also the star of the music, and we can see the magic of music with great enthusiasm in Rumi's poems in the Sema ceremony in which spiritual dance of the whirling dervishes. Fame of the corresponding apical star AnlArIndA to par when it reached its peak, there are many other signs of the sky. Mercury-Betelgeuse, Moon-Canopus, Mercury and Saturn Phact Spike's relationship with money. Betelgeuse, clarity of mind and creativity while Phact, original and lateral thinking and unknown mysteries of the request research data. With the Saturn-Spike intellectual man of ideas, a pioneer in self and obtain information about the characteristics of winning interiority. Moon-Canopus represents the desire on the new philosophy. Canopus is a star, symbolizing the strong leadership and courage to try new ways. Moon-Canopus connection, spiritual and leadership issues reflects the thinking of the good of others. Finally it represents the sum of all these creative efforts Vindematris. This star map on his toe point (nadir) depends paran and therefore represents the turning point of the whole experience. Vindematris has the ability to bring together the people and the sun-Vindematris relations, emphasizing the power of the path chosen for a creative power and life. The press is like a father figure, welcoming everyone. 

Again, I want to finish up this talk by Rumi's words: "Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshiper or idolatrous, come by! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times, our door we hope is a door, come as you are . "



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