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Book Review: How Astrology Works: A Professional Stargazer Speaks Out!

In How Astrology Works, James Lynn Page challenges the criticisms of skeptics with both power and precision. It’s a short book that combines logic and narrative to make an entertaining read.   Book Review: How Astrology Works: A Professional Stargazer Speaks Out!

Approaching Astrology With a 21st Century Mind

We’re going to have to get heady if we really want to understand the astrological phenomenon. When I tell people that I am an astrologer, I get a range of reactions, from bemusement and even anger at one pole, to excited enthusiasm at the other. Many people seem to wonder what went wrong – how could […]

So You Think You Know Your Astrological Sign?

When you say that you’re a Gemini or a Leo, what you are saying is that the sun was in that sign of the zodiac when you were born. The kind of popular astrology that people are familiar with from newspapers tells us that the signs change with the calendar. Capricorn is from December 22nd […]

Is a Lunar Research Revolution on The Way?

Get ready for a fresh assault on dogged claims that the Moon has naught to do with those cyclical patterns that roil our emotions and rile our senses at every layer of our being. Canadian research astrologer Peter J. Marko warns of a looming revolution that has potential to dramatically influence the way investigators approach […]

Pandemic Reflects Changing Winter Sky

As part of its predictable journey through the 12 astrological signs, planet Pluto can be relied upon to enter Capricorn every 248 years or so. Usually, that’s when all hell breaks loose. From the vantage point of those on Earth, tiny Pluto appears to be besotted with powerful transformative energy. Astrologers report that major cultural […]

Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test

Personality traits for individuals taking Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) align with descriptions astrologers use for astrological elements A theory advanced by one of the 20th Century’s most frequently quoted psychological experts on personality and intelligence has been validated by a 21st Century research astrologer. Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test

Is This the Age of Aquarius?

Because every 72 years there is a change of 1 degree, this cycle was visible and known to the ancients. The zodiacal divisions, or Ages, move slowly “backwards” through the zodiac, with the result that we are currently transitioning from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The question is, when does this take place? Although this subject has captured the public imagination, it retains a lot of mystery, and remains confusing.