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Lea Imsiragic – What Can We Expect for the Second Half of 2021? A Guide to Use the Energy for the Best

This lecture will be a practical Astro-guide for the second half of 2021.  How can we use the energy of both favorable and challenging aspects, not just to survive but to thrive? We will explore: The animal spiritual guide for 2021, and its significance for understanding main directions. The Full Moons and their main energy […]

Itziar Azkona – A Journey to the Underworld

Before Synastry, Natal Charts contain the emotional map that takes us to any place we want to conquer. In relationships we project many of our inherited patterns from the family past in order to learn how to overcome them in our individuation process. This is a meeting to share some keys on how to approach […]

Graham Ibell – Moving On – Beyond the Birth Chart: Explorations and Musings on Death and Near-death Charts

From studying charts of those passing on – or nearly passing on – I have begun to question the dominance of the birth chart in our natal tradition. In this talk I discuss examples of death and near-death chart, including ones from my own practice. I find it exciting and confronting that they encourage me […]

Ehsan Khazeni – On the Lots

Every concept in astrology can be represented by a house, a sign and a planet. In Traditional astrology, the concepts are also represented by calculated points called “Lots” or “Parts” or “Sahms”. The Lots are points calculated using three objects of the chart referring to the same concept. The object can be a Planet, Ascendant, […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Night and Day. Sect and Planets in the Birth Chart

Being born by day or by night can determine how planets operate in your birth chart. Diving into the Hellenistic concept of sect, you’ll discover which planets help and which ones hinder. You’ll learn about the construct of sect and the team planets belong to. Sect can radically shift the way you look at planets […]

Kay Taylor – Lunar Nodes: A Lifelong Challenge

Do we ever truly manifest the destiny of the Lunar North Node? Working with evolutionary astrology for decades has led me to believe the understanding and balancing of the Nodes is far more elusive and challenging that we realize. It’s important work and very few people manage to find the integrated balance. Whether you believe […]

Thomas Gazis – The Long, Fascinating History of Byzantine Astrology!

Byzantium has enormously contributed to the formation of modern astrology. Still, due to the lack of relative sources (books etc.) Byzantine astrology remains unknown. But it has actually influenced enormously the Persian, Arab and Renaissance astrology – even the Anglo-Saxon one! But oddly enough if you open up any histrory of the astrology book you […]

Wade Caves – The Astrology of Labor

In this webinar, we will explore the astrological signatures accompanying changes and shifts in thinking as regards labor practices, the labor market, and movements and revolutions centred on delivering better outcomes for workers and the proletariat. We will then take a look the astrology of the coming years to understand something about the pressures indicated, […]

Alex Trenoweth – Astrology and Dreamwork

The average human sleeps about eight hours each night but as each of us can attest, the brain never really sleeps. While most dreams only last between five and twenty minutes, it is estimated we spend about six years of our lives dreaming. Many people have had dreams that have had profound effects on their […]

Jelena Lemot – Chiron the Master of Reconciliation

Each of us has a particularly sensitive and vulnerable place within ourselves. We find it in a hidden corner of the soul, in a world of our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. This vulnerable place is also our strength, an opportunity to learn, to discover what is important, to reconcile opposites. This area is also deeply […]