Pinar Pir Soderlund – History Of Astrology In Finland

Astrology was commonly a part of the scientific world still in the Renaissance period all around Europe, also in the North. Both Upsala and Turku University gave tuition and practiced astrology in the 17th century.

The Astrological Association of Finland (sas) was founded in 1964 in Helsinki. Independently of this association, another astrological association was founded in the city of Tampere in 1982. While these two associations are officially independent from each other, they co-operate and seem to co-ordinate their activities to the extent that I treat them here together under the label of the Helsinki based association. In addition to Helsinki and Tampere, The Astrological Association has organized group activity also in Turku and Pori. It has around 500 registered members, a number that has remained on the same level at least for a couple of decades or so. Around 2020, SAS had around 300 registered members. Since 1985, the Finnish Astrological Society has published Finland’s only astrological magazine called Astro Logos.

In the 90s, there was a TV-series of astrology; this was not, however, enough to evoke discussion. A recent study, conducted by the Research Institute in 2004, confirms these results (9% strongly believe in astrology, 84% strongly disbelieve in it) and indicates that at least during the last decade, the Finnish attitudes towards astrology have not changed in any noteworthy way.

The data above suggest that Finns tend to believe in astrology to a lesser extent than people in many other Western countries. This result can, however, be at least partly explained by the fact that the questions that the participants in these surveys were asked highlighted the belief in the accuracy of the information gained through astrology. Even professional astrologers today seldom argue that they can provide totally accurate information. Instead they point out that astrology works by providing a map that can be used as an aid for life management.

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