ISAR provides a certification program for astrologers who want to advance their skills in astrology. In establishing the educational requirements for ISAR certification, educators from top astrology schools around the world have been consulted. Many of their recommendations have been incorporated into this program.

To become an ISAR Certified Astrologer, applicants must provide documentation that they have met all educational and skill requirements as outlined below. A certification committee reviews all exams and documentation. Upon successful completion of all components of certification, an applicant will receive a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) and become an ISAR Certified Astrologer.

ISAR certification can be completed in stages. Records will be maintained by ISAR until all requirements are met.



The educational preparation for applying for the Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) can be met by studying at schools and with teachers who wish to see their students attain the astrological knowledge and interpretation skills necessary for certification by ISAR. Schools and teachers are therefore encouraged to examine their own curriculum and upgrade where appropriate.


In addition to your educational preparation, ISAR Certification requires that you successfully complete the following:

  • Consulting Skills Training Course
  • Ethics AwarenessTraining Course and Test
  • The ISAR Competency Exam
  • Three Elective Courses

Dates and locations for ISAR training modules in Ethics Awareness and Consulting Skills as well as for the Competency Exam are posted on our website, in the weekly ISAR E-zine and in The International Astrologer.

Applicants can take the Competency Exam, Ethics Training Course and Test and the Consulting Skills Training Course in stages and in any order. Records will be maintained by ISAR until all requirements are fulfilled. Upon successful completion of all requirements, an applicant receives a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) and becomes an ISAR Certified Astrologer.


This 18-20 hour intensive training program is designed to give astrologers basic listening and empathy skills that facilitate the astrologer-client relationship. Active listening and communication skills provide the astrologer with the ability to respond to clients’ most personal thoughts and feelings. Integrated with astrology, the communication skills taught in this training facilitate trust in the client-astrologer relationship and help to impart astrological information with understanding and compassion for the client’s subjective experience.

This training is required in order to become an ISAR Certified Astrologer.  However, anyone who plans to do astrological consultations can take the training and benefit from it.

The fee for the course is $350.00 USD and can be paid by credit card, money order or personal check. A schedule of trainings is posted on our website. Contact Richard Smoot.


Ethics and ethical practices are guiding principles in the field of astrology and within ISAR. The ethics training course sponsored by ISAR is based on the ISAR’s Ethics Code and outlines what ISAR, as an international astrological society, considers ethical practices for astrologers. Ethics awareness training is a requirement for becoming an ISAR Certified Astrologer. The ISAR Ethics Awareness Course is offered at conferences or is available by ordering the DVD of the training online. A schedule of conference trainings is posted on our website.

A test will be administered, either in person at conferences or online, following the training. In taking the test, an applicant must demonstrate the ability to apply ethical principles to real-life situations.

The Ethics Awareness Training can be purchased on DVD at the ISAR store. The online Ethics exam will hopefully be available by February 1st, 2014. For questions, please contact the Chair of the ISAR Ethics Awareness Program.

You can read our current ethical guidelines here.


Those seeking CAP designation must demonstrate competence in astrology by passing an exam. Appropriate training can come from schools and teachers who wish to see their students become certified by ISAR standards.

The exam is given at many conferences throughout the world. It is an open-book test and you can use whatever texts or materials you think you will need. There are three main parts to the ISAR Competency Exam.

1. Combination of true/false and multiple choice questions. The material covered is varied and follows the outline contained below:

a. Overview: history of astrology, an understanding of the various applications of astrology, basic astronomy as applied to astrology, symbolism, and knowledge of chart calculations. You will not be asked to actually calculate a chart but various questions on the process will determine knowledge in chart calculations.

b. Forecasting skills, including secondary progressions, return charts, transits, eclipses and lunations

c. Synastry and relationships including chart comparison, family patterns, miscellaneous relationships and group dynamics

2. Short-answer questions that may require a sentence or short paragraph.

3. In-depth essay-type questions on various charts will be asked in order to demonstrate interpretive skills. These will include a natal chart, a compatibility analysis between two charts, a solar return and a secondary progression with transits. You will not be required to interpret a whole chart, only the portions that pertain to specific questions. The charts will be provided.

To obtain more information to help you prepare for the exam, please contact Richard Smoot for the “ISAR Exam Explanation”, “The Competency Exam Example Questions”, and “Exam Preparation Guide”. The ISAR Symposium for Advanced Interpretation Skills is also a preparatory course for the interpretation part of the exam. Information about the Symposium is available on the home page of our website.

The exam is approximately six hours in length, and a lunch break is given. A passing grade is 70%. For questions, please contact  Richard Smoot or David Railey, Chair of the ISAR Certification Program. An application must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the conference where it is given in order to allow time for processing. The cost is $195. A schedule of exams that will be given during the year is posted on our website.


An application form must be completed in order to take the Competency Exam.  Information about an applicant’s astrological education and current level of astrological practice will be required.  An applicant must demonstrate that he or she has successfully completed at least three educational electives as described below. Once David Railey and the education committee contact the applicant to say that an application has been accepted, the applicant may register to take the Competency Exam. To obtain a copy of the application form, please contact Richard Smoot who will send you the form and via e-mail.


As part of the certification process, you will need to show that you have successfully taken a minimum of three elective courses from the list below or as approved by the ISAR Certification Committee:

Asteroids; Astro-History; Classical Astrology; Cosmobiology; Declinations; Financial Astrology and Astro Economics; Fixed Stars; Harmonics; Heliocentric Astrology; Horary Astrology; Medical Astrology; Meteorological Astrology; Midpoints; Mundane Astrology; Mythology; Psychological Astrology; Rectification; Relocation; Research Methods; Sidereal Astrology; Uranian Astrology; Vedic Astrology.

For any further question, contact Richard Smoot or David Railey, Chair of the ISAR Certification Program.