Please send us your final draft. Except for the addition of missing information or correction of an error, IIA will not allow an author to change any part of an article after it has been submitted unless you are advised to do so by an IIA editor.

When you submit an article to the IIA Editor, Victoria Naumann ( [email protected]) you are responsible for ensuring that you have complied with ethical and journalistic standards for publication, that you have obtained all necessary permissions for reprinting non-original material and that you have submitted original sources for all event and birth data cited in your article. ISAR, its Board, and the staff of the International Astrologer take no responsibility for your errors, oversights, omissions or lack of appropriate documentation in your article. If your material is a translation, please ensure that you have obtained the permission of the author. Please include the name of the author with the following notation: “Translated with author’s permission from the original article entitled “XXXXX” by (name of author) whose article first appeared in (insert language) in (insert name of journal, issue number and date).

Please let us know if the article is a reprint or has been submitted elsewhere in whole or in part. If you hold the copyright, you automatically give ISAR permission to reprint your article when you submit it. However, if another organization, author or publisher holds the copyright, then you must provide written permission from the appropriate person.

Include a brief biography – a medium-sized paragraph is fine (50-75 words) – along with your birth data and a black and white wallet-size photo (jpg if sent by e-mail). If you’d like readers to reach you, include your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, web site URL, etc. in your biographical information.

Send your article electronically. Save your article as “Word for Windows” .doc, or .rtf file. If you are sending an article by e-mail, paste it in the body of the message or send it as an attachment to the Editor ( [email protected]). Articles produced on a typewriter or hand-written will not be accepted. DO NOT submit articles in PDF format.

For more technical questions, contact the IIA Publisher, Richard Smoot ( [email protected]) or call Richard at 1-734-389-5014.