ISAR’s Astrology Library

Astro Library with a hundreds of video, audio and text lectures where you can search by any keyword, or different astrologers, topics, fields of astrology etc. This Library is available for free to our member’s!

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International Astrologer

The International Astrologer, ISAR’s journal is available to members online and, by request, in hardbound copies, as well. In this section members can access all of ISAR’s online journals that were published since 2010. For more information about The International Astrologer, click here

Here you can access the current and previous issues of the ISAR journal.

ISAR’s E-zine Archive

Here you can access the current and previous issues of the ISAR E-zine.

Let’s Discover Something Together

ISAR memberes can join us in an online meeting that takes place every 3 months. This is an opportunity to share ideas on astrological research. Please choose date and click on link to join.

ISAR Certification Program

ISAR provides a certification program for astrologers who want to advance their skills in astrology. In establishing the educational requirements for ISAR certification, educators from top astrology schools around the world have been consulted. Many of their recommendations have been incorporated into this program.

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