Michael Munkasey – Houses

Houses represent the division of space around an event, like a birth or an incident. Generally there are Twelve Houses used in astrological practice. These are numbered One through Twelve, starting from the Ascendant, and going counter-clockwise around a chart. First off I will explain what Houses are, why they are important in astrological usage, and what the differences are amongst the twenty plus various House Systems described in astrological literature. Then I will then explain the meanings for some of the astrological Houses. Depending on the lecture’s time constraints I may not be able to cover meanings for all of the twelve Houses. I will use my 400 page book “House Keywords and More … “ published by the AFA in 2018, as the basis for this presentation. In depth meanings for each of the Twelve Houses are provided in that book. Also included there are keywords for each House in 18 different categories (e.g., Horary Associations, Family Members, Colors, Places). Come and enjoy while learning. I’m looking forward to having you there.


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  1. Maria Paap says:

    Hi, I am Maria from the Netherlands and curious about equal house system. where or who has this sytem? I have the book from William Holden and Deborah Houlding, but I can not find any about the past years and old astrologers who works with the equal aystem.

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