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The Gift of Melancholia – Saturnian life-periods, their paradoxes and values

Speaker: Karine Dilanyan


januar 19 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST

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The Gift of Melancholia – Saturnian life-periods, their paradoxes and values
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Sun, Jan 19, 2020 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM EST
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Price: 9.99 USD

This talk discusses different periods of life connected to Saturn, such as Saturn returns, transits trough the important areas of the natal chart (like Sadhe Saati of Hindu astrology) and Saturn periods in firdars. How do we deal with difficult periods in our lives and what can suggest us the most prominent melancholics, such as Marsilio Ficino and Albrecht Durer via their works, that are called ‘a cultural milestone’ (The Book of Life by Ficino) and ‘an auto portrait of a genius’ (Melancholia I by Durer).
During the lecture we will define

  • the life periods, connected to Saturn
  • the types and levels of melancholy
  • remedies, that were suggested by genius Saturnians to overcome melancholic state of mind
  • and finally, how melancholy is connected to the Copernican world view.

Karine Dilanyan

Karine Dilanian (ISAR CAP) is an internationally certified professional astrologer, ISAR Vice-president for Russia and international trainer of the ISAR certification programs. She holds MA degree from the University of Wales, UK in Astrology and Cosmology in Culture. President of the Union of Professional astrologers in Russia. Organizer of International astrological conferences in Moscow since 1993. Karine is a cofounder of AGAM - astrology school in Moscow, an ISAR affiliated school, whose programs correspond to the international astrology educational standards. She teaches classical Western astrology with special focus on Hellenistic, Medieval, and Renaissance astrology. Her area of research is reconstruction of the lost Western astrological techniques via astrological practice of Hindu astrology. Karine is an international speaker, teacher and consultant, her students and clients live in Russia and post-Soviet countries, Europe, USA and China.