Nodoor School of Astrology offers two kind of certificates (Level 1 and Level 2) and education that covers natal and relationship astrology with forecasting skills, as well as history of astrology and Counseling skills and ethics.

Also, the School provides introductions to other branches and schools of astrology: Jungian, Horary, Harmonics, Hellenistic, Classical, Renaissance, Vedic, Cosmobiology, Uranian and Heliocentric astrology.

Students must attend at least 30 of 36 classes per year: school attendance record is kept, plus online attendance record is saved. Students must attend 2 webinars in elective subjects and 1 workshop a year for Level 1 Certificate, plus 2 workshops a year minimum for Level 2. Homework averages 15 hours a month; homework is archived on nodoor web platform. Students must participate in Nodoor online forum once a month, online registration is saved Review tests are once a month. Also, students receive individual support from Nodoor full time education staff.