Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Sleeping Prophet on His Kite (part 2)


Thanks to the stellium, the Grand Trine of the sleeping prophet turns into a Kite which, from the mare magnum of the prophetic dream in the 8th house, wafting between the 2nd and 6th houses, makes his psychic talents glide.

The entire stellium in the 8th house holds up the center structure of the Kite, strongly resisting the south node in the 2nd house: Cayce had to fluctuate among existential values of different and contrasting natures: sexuality, death, healing, transformation, service, money and debts, all at the pace of a daily routine.

The qualities of the 2nd house were absorbed by the 8th house of the stellium: Cayce’s inner resources risked being swallowed up by the black hole of the transformational currents (Stellium in the 8th house opposite south node in the 2nd house). By its very nature, the South Node pushes a person to let go, to free themselves, to empty themselves. Edgar had to cope with the conflict between the need to procure material security for himself and his family, and his penchant for eliminating the superfluous (opposition between the stellium and the South Node in the 2nd house).

Mercury governor of the 2nd house, albeit exiled and fragile, is the leader of the Stellium, and being disposed by Neptune, it becomes the guiding thread of the dreams, supporting the trances and creating the necessary detachment for navigating through others’ minds and bodies. Although his religion rejected the concept, Cayce became an ardent supporter of reincarnation.

The information arrived from a “Source” or external dimension, and he humbly accepted to be its messenger (Mercury sextile Mars in the 6th house). Sensitive and receptive (Mercury in Pisces receives sextile from the Moon in Taurus), during self-hypnosis, he accessed the collective subconscious and the spirit world, feverishly striving to heal people of all kinds (Mercury conjunct north node Moon sextile Taurus in the 10th house and sextile Mars in the 6th house). During the later waking state, he would forget what he had seen in the collective subconscious (Mercury in Pisces in the 8th house). When shown the contents of the resources that had emerged during the hypnosis, he would feel ill at ease (Mercury conjunct Saturn opposite node in the 2nd house) because he found the theories about reincarnation upsetting (Stellium in the 8th house opposite south node in the 2nd house). Perhaps the strong emotion that accompanied his reawakening (Moon in the 10th house trine Mars exalted in the 6th house) transported him back to the emotional experiences of his childhood, when he would struggle to translate his thoughts into the actions necessary for his every day and school life (Mercury conjunct Saturn sextile Moon in the 10th house and Mars in the 6th house; Mars governor of the 4th house). He may have fought to overcome a certain sense of inadequacy and transform it into service (Mercury sextile Mars in the 6th House). I sincerely wonder if he had ever had doubts about the love of the persons following him (stellium opposite south node, Venus governs the 3rd house) and if those who purported to be his supporters really were what they claimed (Saturn governor of the 7th house and opposite south node in the 2nd house), considering the fact that they subjected him to so much stress. Perhaps he didn’t care about this because his work and his calling were as one, to the point that he would overdo things and strain his energy (Saturn in the 8th house in Pisces received a sextile from Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house).

In short, the overall picture of the Kite expresses a public life with talents as a therapist and the possibility to convey the information received from beyond the ordinary conscious (Moon in the 10th house sextile Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the 8th house).

I had great doubts about whether to put the interpretation of Chiron at the beginning or end of this analysis. Chiron in the 9th house speaks of the wise healer who started out treating himself (Chiron trine ascendant): struck by a baseball, he gave his mother the instructions for preparing a medication that healed him. Later, however, the healer was unable to treat himself. He devoted the knowledge coming from other worlds to healing others (Chiron in the 9th house trine Jupiter in the 6th house): he helped thousands of people suffering from physical pain, but this disinterested and exaggerated service accelerated the deterioration of his own health. On the other hand, the existential project inherited at birth was based on serving and healing others to the detriment of his own health: this is all confirmed also by the Vertex/Antivertex axis in the 6th/12th houses. The Vertex was closely flanked by Mars governor of the 4th and 9th houses, a Mars also disposed by Saturn.

The nodal axis between the 8th and 2nd houses stellium is self-explanatory with its karmic values strengthened by the stellium: the call of the occult and astral world was decisive in his existence and also became a resource, as well as a value, for him. Somehow it was also the way to receive acknowledgment for the qualities which he must have doubted (weakness of falling Mercury).

Perhaps, the painful separation from his grandfather, whose death he had witnessed, must have created the desire to dedicate himself to others with love and devotion. The pain was transformed and animated the project to send Universal Love to the world: the old dream of becoming a missionary doctor became the dedication to others (Venus exalted in the stellium disposed by Neptune).


  • In 1888, when he was 11 years old, Cayce was declared dead from drowning, when Saturn was conjunct ascendant and square Moon.
  • In 1890 at the age of 13, with Saturn opposite itself and to Mercury/Venus in Pisces in the 8th house, Edgar saw a radiant woman who told him to sleep with his head on his books. Up until the day before, he had had problems in school, but after this episode his photographic memory abilities came to the fore and he began to learn by osmosis, simply by resting his head on the books he had to study.

The MC was crossed by Neptune, which directed him toward his calling. Neptune was square Sun in 1901, when he did his first reading under hypnosis and realized he could do accurate diagnoses for himself and others.

During the period when Pluto was square the natal Sun, from 1910 to 1914, Cayce’s name became a sensation, but his private life was full of suffering. In 1911, his second son died after only six weeks. Cayce was unable to save him. His wife Gertrude, weakened by her sorrow, became ill with tuberculosis, but was healed following the recommendations of her husband’s readings.

Edgar Cayce died in 1945 with Pluto conjunct natal ascendant in Leo and square Moon exalted in the 10th house. And thus, Edgar fell asleep and traveled, until he reached the dimensions of the world on the other side. He left cradled by the waves of the Moon which, activated by Pluto, rocked the Kite and the stellium in the 8th house.



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