Track 10: Panels

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Astrology & the Universities: An uneasy alliance or a perfect fit?
Moderator: Lee Lehman
Panelists: Cathy Coleman, Enid Newburg, Greg Bogart, Frances Clynes, Ralfee Finn.
Like any other subject, astrology can be studied either as a practice (learning how to do it) or academically (examining its nature, culture, claims and context). Are universities a good home for one or neither of these aspirations? Listen to expert panelists and make your own views heard.

Astrological Profession: Who are we? What do we do?
Moderator: Monica Hable Dimino
Panelists: Roy Gillett, Glenn Perry, Bob Mulligan, Gloria Star, Madalyn Hillis Dineen.
This panel will gather viewpoints from six practicing professional astrologers. We will see the diversity of the profession as practiced by teachers, therapists, software providers, media mavens and spiritual advisors. Audience participation is welcome.

Media Approach: Getting it Right for Contemporary Astrology
Moderator: Chris McRae
Panelists: Frank Piechoski, Sandra-Leigh Serio, Michael Lutin, Gloria Star, Antonia Langsdorf.
How do we deal with various factions of the press who try to diminish, demean and trivialize what we do? How do we prevent ourselves from feeling and being defensive? Panel members with many years’ experience dealing with our public image will offer their insight. Your own experience will also be welcome.

Astrological Professionals in Religious Worldviews
Moderator: Roy Gillett
Panelists: Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller, Roxana Muise, Claudia Rizzi.
How do astrologers relate to their clients’ individual religious practice, as well as the churches they belong to? What about those who “believe” in atheism? Does astrology answer the debate between fate, free will and karma? Can it enlighten our spiritual path?

Current Research and Promise for the Future
Leader: Glenn Perry
Panelists: David Cochrane, Mark Urban-Lurain, Shelley Jordan, Debra Rozek.
An overview of the current state of research in the field. Each panelist will give a 10-minute presentation on a research method, proposal, or project they think holds the greatest promise for contributing to astrological knowledge and demonstrating astrology’s validity. Following the presentations, there will be a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to astrological research.

Ethics for Astrologers: Questions and Answers
Moderator: Dorothy Oja
Panelists: Monica Dimino, Maureen Ambrose, Chris McRae, Regina Gerstman.

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