Track 04: Vocation, Employment, Human Resources, Hiring

$ 75.00

  1. The value of Psychological Astrology in assisting individuals facing the loss of their job/career.
    Margaret Gray
  2. Finding Purpose in the Chart
    Michelle Gould
  3. Choose the Right Career With the Help of Fixed Stars
    Lea Imsiragic
  4. Job Matching
    Pat Taglilatelo
  5. Presenting Astrology at Health Spas and Resorts
    Susie Cox
  6. Vocational Orientation in the Birth Chart
    Maurice Fernandez
  7. Using Astrology in the Workplace
    Cathy Coleman
  8. Signals in Selecting a Fulfilling Career
    Chris McRae
  9. Astrological Vocation in Regard to Health Care for Clients
    Darri Low-Murphy