Track 06: Research, Science & Technology

$ 83.00

  1. Annoyingly Intelligent People
    Frank Piechoski
  2. Johannes Kepler Astrological Works and Russian Academy of Sciences
    Karine Dilanyan
  3. Worldviews Collide – Astrology vs. Science
    Mark Urban-Lurain
  4. Sedna: Intimations of a New Feminine Archetype
    Barbara Schermer
  5. To Parallax or Not to Parallax the Chart
    Alphee Lavoie
  6. Communicating Astrology’s Value to Society: Scholarly Writing for Astrologers
    Mark Urban-Lurain
  7. The Symmetry of Locality: Astro*Carto*Graphy and Beyond
    Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
  8. The Antiscia Horoscope — New Research: Aligning ourselves with the “Shadow”
    Richard Smoot
  9. The TAO — Technical Aspect Oscillator
    Richard Schulz
  10. Rectification: How to Correlate Life Events to Accurate Birth Time for Precision Forecasting
    Carol Tebbs