Track 08: Spirituality & Religion

$ 99.00

  1. Elements & Evolution
    Eric Meyers
  2. Does God Speak Through Stars? The Difficult Relationship Between Astrology and Christianity
    Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller
  3. The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle
    Jodie Forrest
  4. Astrology and Dreams
    Greg Bogart
  5. Timing Spiritual Transformations
    Bob Mulligan
  6. Astrology & Universal Law
    Roxana Muise, Ord., Bsc., CAP
  7. The Houses of Learning: An Evolutionary Approach to the Mutable Houses of a Chart
    Verena Bachmann
  8. Esoteric Astrology: What is Your Life’s Purpose?
    Sandra-Leigh Serio
  9. Elemental Spirituality
    Brad Kochunas
  10. Speaking the Language to Be Heard
    Kim Marie
  11. Astrological Lessons from Past Life Regressions
    Patricia Walsh
  12. The Moon and the Sun: Where Do We Come From and Where Are We Going To?
    Beatrice Boucher