Track 09: Life Cycles

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  1. Understanding the Jupiter Return, from the Inside Out: Lessons in Growth, Understanding and Purpose
    Samuel F. Reynolds
  2. Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness
    Maurice Fernandez
  3. Cycles and Seasons
    Monica Dimino
  4. Inspiring Limits: Saturn Cycle and Perception of time in Different Age
    Kamala Melic-Akhnazarova
  5. When It’s Time for a Change
    Donna Van Toen
  6. The Mystery of Time in Astrology
    Tad Mann
  7. The Nine Most Important Cycles of Your Life
    Gloria Star
  8. Time Lords and Time Cycles
    Hakan Kirkoglu
  9. Chiron: Four Moments in Life to Understand Our Collective Mission
    Claudia Rizzi
  10. The Karmic Code: The Predictive Planetary Periods of Vedic Astrology
    Dennis Harness
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