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Robert Corre – On the Ascendant, “Character is Destiny”

• The Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s famous quote. It’s meaning in relation to Astrology. • What is the Ascendant? • Eighty percent (80%) of a person’s character and personality is defined/determined by the Ascendant. • The basis of this pivotal statement is based on perception/observation, reason, and tradition. • Putting the 1st House into context with […]

Luiza Azancot – Será que a carta permanece ativa depois da morte?

No início dos meus estudos de astrologia li um livro com o título “The Only Way To Learn Astrology”  (A única forma de aprender astrologia!!!!) escrito por Marion March e Joan McEvers.  Já não o tenho em meu poder para fazer uma referencia pormenorizada, mas lembro-me de ter lido um comentário relativo a um trânsito […]

Sol Jonassen – The Nodal Axis in Cancer-Capricorn and the global state of consciousness

From Nov 2018 until May 2020, the Nodal Axis of the Moon will be in the very important signs of Cancer and Capricorn, both of which hold great importance for anyone in their lives. We live in a hectic time, a time where we sleep less and stress more, and throughout this period we will […]

Frank Clifford – Retrograde Planets

Retrogrades (n) are an interesting phenomenon – not just in their apparent backwards motion but also in how astrologers perceive and interpret this optical illusion, as seen from the Earth. Much has been written on retrograde cycles (most famously, the Mercury retrograde) and on the importance of retrogrades in horary and electional astrology. Yet relatively […]

Zorana Stanojevic – Early Energy Activation or the Importance of Persona Charts for Newborns

The Natal chart is made for the moment of birth, but the planets in it are awakened when the Sun in transit touches every planet from the natal. The Sun is like a reflector, illuminating, waking up… each time the transiting Sun touches any planet or point in the natal chart represents a birthday of […]

Cristiane Bernardes – Lilith em Peixes: comentários sobre a força de Margaridas e Indígenas

O trânsito de Lilith pelo signo de Peixes, desde 4 de maio último, tem trazido à tona para o coletivo uma série de questões relativas ao feminino e, especialmente, à opressão ou repressão do feminino em nossa sociedade. Na semana que passou, Brasília testemunhou duas marchas protagonizadas por mulheres: a Marcha das Mulheres Indígenas, na […]

A Value-Added Look at The Future

The data implies that we respond to receiving that ‘something extra’ when becoming a member, choosing a rewards card, and accumulating loyalty purchase points to use toward ‘free’ goods. We sign up hoping to save money, receive future discounts, or earn a free trip. What we may not realize is the seduction behind these value-added […]

Clélia Romano – The Exquisite Sign of Aquarius

Due to the precession of the equinoxes we are entering the Age of Aquarius. Many astrologers believe it is a time of openness and humanism. Partly we can foresee some development regarding ideas, since Aquarius is an air sign. But such ideas will not always, especially in Aquarius, deal with fair ideals. We can´t forget […]