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Frank Clifford – Searching for Parental Significators in the Natal Horoscope

Where are our parents shown in the natal chart? Are they described by planets placed in the 4th and 10th Houses, the signs on the cusps of these houses, and/or the planets ruling them? Or are they somewhere else? It is often quoted that the ‘shaping’ parent (the one who most prepares or conditions the […]

Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Pluto

The Planet  Obscure, tiny and slow, Pluto is mysterious and hard to observe, as it moves on the outskirts of our solar system, in the Kuiper belt. Its diameter is smaller than the Moon’s. Its first satellite, observed back in 1978, is Charon, named after the helmsman of newly deceased’s souls. The Discovery  After the […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Birth Chart Tips When You Don’t Have a Birth Time

Approaching a birth chart without an accurate birth time can be a stumbling block for both clients and astrologers alike. For the client, they might be wondering what astrology can offer when you don’t have a known birth time. For the astrologer, this means you need to use different tools in your astrological kit. This […]

Edith Hathaway – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit – Finally! (part 2)

Mercury Dasha – the golden years Johnson’s 16-year Mercury Dasha began Sept. 9, 2016 (through Sept. 9, 2033). Two months prior to that, on July 13, 2016 he was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs under Prime Minister Theresa May. Though he was already a celebrity, and prominent in public life in previous years, […]

Edith Hathaway – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit – Finally! (part 1)

“My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.”  Boris Johnson (age 40), The Independent, 2004. And yet on July 24, 2019 Boris Johnson did become U.K. Prime Minister (at age 55), with his mandate assured in a nationwide election […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for March 2020

A contagious new moon in Pisces, February 23th 2020 Pisces new moon that occured on February 23th at 3:31:52 GMT shows a bundle configuration with Mars and Uranus at the both ends. Hence Mars/Uranus midpoint happens to be just on the new moon degree. This is a combination of sudden and disruptive action which might […]

Mj Patterson – What Has Math Got To Do With Astrology?

Astrology has been my study and passion for well over three decades at this point. I enjoy taking clients for sure, but it is the teaching that gets me the most excited.  There is nothing better than watching the “lightbulb” come on over a student’s head! As the ISAR Global Director for Canada, I cannot […]

Jelena Lemot – Coaching by the Sky

What it means “coaching by the Sky”? Simply, it means to be coached by Astrology, we also call it AstroCoaching. This practice is very current in the Anglo-Saxon world, and is becoming more and more widespread in the French-speaking world. AstroCoaching corresponds to 21st century Astrology: a more accurate look that can shed light on […]

Oner Doser – Predictions for 2020 (part 2)

Trade wars due to the shift of economic activity Saturn is transiting Capricorn and will be travelling through this sign until the end of 2020. Saturn is related with precaution. It does not represent taking risks and tends to withdraw in situations where there is something to worry. It is related to be sceptical and […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for February 2020

A call for fundamental change: New Moon in Aquarius, January 25th, 2020 After a busy and rather saturnine Capricorn period in the last couple of weeks, here we have a new moon in Aquarius which is also tightly squared by Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news! Indeed, Aquarius new moons can be disruptive and challenging for […]