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A Byzantine astrological school of the 14th century!

Speaker: Thomas Gazis / Greece


In the 14th century Byzantium was experiencing a premature renaissance. Astrology, which had almost disappeared in the 10th century, was making a dynamic comeback! Already some important astrological figures such as Psellus, Metochite and Gregoras had produced remarkable works. Then, the torch passed to another prominent Byzantine astrologer, John Abramius. Abramius created the most prestigious astrological school of that period. Some of the leading Byzantine astrologers of the 14th and 15th centuries graduated from his school. Even the famous cardinal/astrologer Isidore of Kiev was actually a spiritual child of that school!

Speaker Bio

Thomas Gazis

Thomas Gazis is an astrology teacher, author and international speaker. He has authored two Greek astrology books and written articles for “American Astrology”, for “Horoscope Guide” and many other magazines and bulletins worldwide. He has extensively lectured in Europe and has been invited as a main speaker at the UAC 2012 New Orleans international conference and as a back-up speaker at the UAC 2018 Chicago international conference. He has organized two international astrological conferences in Greece (Astromykonos 2000 and 2001), featuring Robert Hand and Noel Tyl. He currently is the ISAR’s GD for Greece.



Topic: A Byzantine astrological school of the 14th century!
Start: domingo, mar 26, 2023 15:00
Category: English
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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