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Isabel Guimaraes – A vida de Nikola Tesla à Luz da Astrologia

Ao longo destas edições pretendemos levar a vida de Nikola Tesla numa ligação aos padrões astrológicos de forma a convidar o leitor a mergulhar nesta linguagem ancestral que nos ajuda a identificar padrões e a encontrar ciclos de vida que nos ajudam a entender como nos ligamos ao TODO.  Este último artigo direciona para os […]

Claudia Matias – Social Planets in Domicile: Opportunity to Redefine Social Values

Jupiter and Saturn are named as social planets, for it is mainly through the combination of the energies represented by these planets that are established the vision of life, the ethical structure and the forms of social action, which define largely the collective environment in each moment.

Marie-Louise Daguerre – Karl Lagerfeld: The Saturnian Destiny of a Kaiser 

Karl Lagerfeld, born on September the 10th, enjoyed casting a shadow over his year of birth: was it 1933, 1935, or rather, 1938? German medias tried to prove that he was born in 1933 on the basis of his baptismal certificate, for example. However, Karl Lagerfeld argued that he didn’t know his own age and […]