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Luis Resina – Artigo Aspas: O Portugal Astrológico (I Parte)

Contexto histórico Estamos no final do século XI após um período sombrio marcado pelos receios do fim do mundo do ano 1000, e num período em que os domínios da terra assentavam fundamentalmente em senhores feudais e mosteiros. A partir do século XII as cidades começam a crescer, e, nomeadamente, a partir das Cruzadas dá-se […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation report for March 2019

What do current planetary configurations say about the times we live in? A messy New Moon! The dreamer new moon on the 6th of March markedly gets our attention to look at Neptunian energies that could surround our atmosphere in these days. As a collective planet, Neptune is both elusive and tricky. In mundane terms it […]

Gaye Alkan – Letting the Chart Reveal Itself: Multidimensional Chart

In this article, I want to make a thinking about how a chart can be read in many levels, how is the multidimensionality of a chart? I think it’s important to define all to be sure for an accurate understanding of a chart. Accumulation of knowledge in astrology helps us to see the charts in many […]