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What Lies Within: The Progressed Moon

Speaker: Tracy Quinlan


Novembro 22 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST

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What Lies Within: The Progressed Moon
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Tue, Nov 22, 2022 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM EST
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In natal astrology, Moon Phase is one of the most underrated, underutilized aspects of the birth chart. One can do an entire reading discussing the Sun sign, Moon sign and their phasal relationship. The Moon phase casts an energy onto the entire chart and influences character more than we give it credit for.
By progression, Moon phases dictate the ebbs and flows of life, and are very helpful in guiding us in a more productive and less resistant direction. In predictive astrology, transits give us information about our outer world, but what about what’s happening internally? Progressions can explain so much of our life experience and progressed Moon phases are a critical piece of that inner life puzzle.
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Tracy Quinlan

Tracy Quinlan is a Canadian astrologer. Entranced by astrology since her teens, she spent many hours of her 27 years as a hairstylist gathering personal anecdotes from her clients and connecting their stories to basic astrological principals. When the time came in 2007 to make a change, she pursued more formal studies in astrology and has been “studying” ever since. Tracy began her formal astrological education learning from Chris McRae and continued on to earn certificates from Kepler College and the School of Traditional Astrology. She continues learning, evolving and developing her skills. “It is such an honor to be allowed to share people’s natal promise and to step onto their path with them, even for just a short time. The language of astrology is a gift.” Tracy consults, teaches, lectures and writes. She has a BA in Sociology and Psychology and is an OPA certified professional astrologer. She writes the horoscopes for the Llewellyn Astrological Calendar, and is the past president of the Edmonton Astrological Society.