Rick Levine – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over! -Looking Ahead to 2022 and The Lingering Saturn-Uranus Square Dance

Saturn represents immovable boundaries; Uranus symbolizes irrepressible expression. We can look back at the two recent occurrences of Saturn’s square to Uranus on February 17 and June 14. We can examine the current occurrence of the square that appears to be finalizing this triple threat on December 23, 2021. But it’s a mistake to think this conflict between the old and the new ways is done because they are back within a degree of orb from September 15 through October 23, 2022. In fact, the waning Saturn-Uranus square is still with us and is the defining cosmic influence throughout the entire year ahead. The Lunar North Node enters Taurus on January 18, squares Saturn on April 11, and conjuncts Uranus on July 31. Jupiter in Aries forms a series of agitating semisquares and sesquisquares to Saturn and Uranus between July 21 and December 23, 2022. The Solar Eclipse on April 30 and the Lunar Eclipses on May 15 and November 8 square Saturn and conjunct or oppose Uranus to further complicate the energy. What can we gain by looking at 2021 and projecting the residual Saturn-Uranus influence into the year ahead?


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