Robert Corre – On the Ascendant, “Character is Destiny”

• The Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s famous quote. It’s meaning in relation to Astrology.
• What is the Ascendant?
• Eighty percent (80%) of a person’s character and personality is defined/determined by the Ascendant.
• The basis of this pivotal statement is based on perception/observation, reason, and tradition.
• Putting the 1st House into context with the 4th and 10th Houses of the natal chart.
• Meaning of the phrase, “The cause is inherent in the effect.” The use of the Archetype as a model to demonstrate the former point.
• This lecture is a follow-on based on my Star Club talk, “On The Archetype” given this past April 6th, 2018. Please refer to that talk to add detail and greater substance to this session (located in ISAR’s Star Club archives)


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