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Ноябрь 2019

Ноябрь 17

Trainer: David RaileyChina

ISAR Ethics Training

Ethics and ethical practices are guiding principles in the field of astrology and within ISAR. The ethics training course sponsored by ISAR is based on the ISAR’s Ethics Code and outlines what ISAR, as an international astrological society, considers ethical practices for astrologers. A test will be administered following the training. In taking the test, an applicant must demonstrate the ability to apply ethical principles to real-life situations.

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Ноябрь 17 - Ноябрь 19

Trainer: David RaileyChina

Consulting Skills Training

This 18-20 hour intensive training program is designed to give astrologers basic listening and empathy skills that facilitate the astrologer-client relationship. Active listening and communication skills provide the astrologer with the ability to respond to clients' most personal thoughts and feelings. Integrated with astrology, the communication skills taught in this training facilitate trust in the client-astrologer relationship and help to impart astrological information with understanding and compassion for the client’s subjective experience. This training is required in order to become…

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Ноябрь 20

Proctor: David RaileyChina

ISAR Competency Exam

Those seeking CAP designation must demonstrate competence in astrology by passing an exam. Appropriate training can come from schools and teachers who wish to see their students become certified by ISAR standards. The exam is given at many conferences throughout the world. It is an open-book test and you can use whatever texts or materials you think you will need.

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