Автор: Bojan Radulović

Christine Skinner – Harmonics

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If the horoscope is a photograph and easily recognisable when passed from one astrologer to another, then harmonics provide tissue samples. This talk should be seen as a practical guide to anyone for whom harmonics are quick and useful tools for diagnosis and forecast.

Vivien Owen – The Education, Reformation and Integration of the 12th House

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Traditional descriptions of the 12th House can sound intimidating: The House of Personal Karma, The House of Self-Undoing, and The Behind the Scenes House. Planets in the 12th House can feel like prisoners trying to get time served for good behavior. Vivian discusses each planet, the north and south node, and the signs on the 12th House cusp, presenting strategies for bringing 12th House planets out into the world and stopping the high rate of recidivism.

Greg Bogart – Astrology and Dreams

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In this workshop you'll experience how astrology and dreamwork can be combined into a transformative spiritual practice. Dream symbols closely reflect our natal and transiting planets. We'll consider the meaning of dreams occurring during particular transits and progressions, and how planetary and dream archetypes manifest in waking life. Decoding the messages of dreams and transits together generates a potent broth of upsurgent feelings, pressing tasks, and energies rising within us in conscious response to change.