Автор: Bojan Radulović

Monica Dimino – The Moon’s Nodes: The Evolving Cycles of the Earth’s Journey

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This lecture will introduce you to the universal aspects of the Nodal cycles. The signs involved speak to the meaning of these Nodal Transits. The North Node spends irregular amounts of time in each sign, a condition which translates into brief or extended phases in these 18+/-year nodal cycles. They can relate to mundane events and our individual, personal Journeys… And they become very relevant in forecasting events.

Soma County

by Alan Annand www.sextile.com, 2015 Paper – 333 pp. Price not marked If the title looks like it belongs on a novel, well, that’s because Soma County is a novel. Specifically, it’s a crime novel. If you’re now wondering why a crime novel is being reviewed here, well, possibly you’ve never encountered Alan Annand before. […]

Gloria Star – The Nine Most Important Cycles of Your Life

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Each life contains milestones and turning points that we think of as life-altering. In most instances, a cosmic convergence occurs that can be seen through specific transits, progressions, and other signposts. Join Gloria to discover your own key journey markers.

All The Sun Goes Round

The well-known writer and astrologer Reina James, has produced a little gem of a book, reminding us in a humorous and incisive manner, of the most salient characteristics of each sign of the zodiac. Written in the form of short fables, each tale addresses the core issues we  encounter, wherever the sign lies in our […]

Hakan Kirkoglu – How Your Prenatal Eclipse and Lunations Shape Up Your Life

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Although there has not been extensive material on prenatal eclipses, lunations and their relation to our life stories, I consider them especially useful in pinpointing major life themes, within the astrological counselling when it is used side by side with the natal chart. The themes of the prenatal eclipse sign and the natal condition of its ruler cast striking information about the general direction in life. We will look at practical examples.