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Astrology Challenged by Modern Worldview

What I hope to show here is that astrology is not – as astrologers often seem to think – challenged exclusively or even primarily by science, but by the Modern worldview. While I doubt that astrology will be given a better hearing by the more amorphous culture of modernity than it has by scientific skeptics, […]

A Value-Added Look at The Future

The data implies that we respond to receiving that ‘something extra’ when becoming a member, choosing a rewards card, and accumulating loyalty purchase points to use toward ‘free’ goods. We sign up hoping to save money, receive future discounts, or earn a free trip. What we may not realize is the seduction behind these value-added […]

Responding to Astrology’s Critics

Astrologers often face the criticism that our work is imprecise and not scientifically valid or verifiable.  Skeptics remain unconvinced of astrology’s viability as a form of knowledge about human experience.  This raises a challenge for those of us who seek to validate astrology in our society, to gain respect for our work.   Responding to […]

Book Review: How Astrology Works: A Professional Stargazer Speaks Out!

In How Astrology Works, James Lynn Page challenges the criticisms of skeptics with both power and precision. It’s a short book that combines logic and narrative to make an entertaining read.   Book Review: How Astrology Works: A Professional Stargazer Speaks Out!

Are Scientists Wrong About Astrology?

Is astrology a science? Hardcore skeptics say no, and many mainstream astrologers aren’t sure it matters; astrology is what it is and should not be constrained by materialist assumptions about the way things work in the natural world, they say.   Are Scientists Wrong About Astrology?  

Successful Astrology Study Replicated

Among the progressed synastry aspects considered in the study were natal Sun and natal Venus, natal Sun and progressed Venus, progressed Sun and natal Venus and progressed Sun and progressed Venus.  Although less impressively, synastry alignments of Venus with Venus and Venus with Mars also presented at the start of relationships with statistical significance.   […]

Where is Reincarnation on Your Radar?

Does the human soul survive death and reincarnate through a progression of multiple lifetimes on planet earth? ANS Managing Editor Edward Snow says 68.5 percent of the 500 astrologers responding to the survey believe that reincarnated souls use individual lifetimes to clarify or advance the soul’s journey in some way.  They further believe the evidence […]