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Anastasia Diakidi – Stationary Mars And The Wars!

(A hypothesis by Andre Barbault put into practice) The virtuoso of Mundane Astrology Andre Barbault published in 1978 some thoughts of his, on the eventual connection between the stationary points of Mars and the war episodes. The source of his inspiration was another astrologer (Maurice Privat), which had made in 1937 a successful prediction on […]

Frank Clifford – Defining Character, Behaviour and Personality: Clues to the Differences between the Sun, Moon & Ascendant

Very often, the first ‘way in’ to reading a horoscope – or to grasp its essence quickly – is to consider the Big Three: the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, either individually or as a trio. Together, these three complexes (their sign and house position and aspects from planets) form the fundamental components and core dynamics […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2021

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4 December 2021 The end of the year is sealed with a south node total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th of December. The eclipses in Sagittarius bring increased activity in international relations, political currents, ideologies as well as religious matters. In this period, we might be paying more attention […]

Saulė Jonaitytė – Interview with Arno Loopman

The Universe Speaks to Those Who Live in Truth Video interview with an Estonian astrologer; a Vaishnav, an expert of Eastern astrology; a keen traveller in Eastern countries ARGO LOOPMAN who talks about the meanings and higher callings of astrology in the modern world, the synthesis of Western and Eastern astrology; and Kali Yuga. Interviewed […]

João Acuio – Manifesto

Manifesto – Some considerations on astrology, oracle and dramatic function Translated by Adriana Ferreira Heery An oracle card spread is any game, operated according to chance, which is structured and speaks following its own grammar and deals with luck and its vicissitudes. Every query to an oracle produces a throw of the dice. The oracle […]

Arlene Amorim – Rectification of time of birth

The applying method The application technique is based on the tools used to interpret horary astrology. Concepts such as derived houses, applying and separating aspects, translation of light and Antiscia chart are used in my two books that aim to explain the methodology. The reasoning that leads to rectifying the time of birth, even if […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2021

The new moon in Scorpio, 5 November 2021 Sudden confrontations, imbalances, and stubbornness could be on our agenda around this hyper-tense new moon in Scorpio. Symbolically, I could liken this new moon to the Tower card in the major arcana deck of tarot. Here Uranus indicates to us that it is a time of sudden […]

Frank Clifford – The Set of Signs on the Four Angles

One initial assessment in chart synthesis is to note the set of signs on the four angles. Are they of a particular mode? Are all four elements found on the angles? Does a pair have a planetary ruler in common? This assessment is important when considering our relationship with our immediate and broader environments, and […]

Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Pluto

The Planet  Obscure, tiny and slow, Pluto is mysterious and hard to observe, as it moves on the outskirts of our solar system, in the Kuiper belt. Its diameter is smaller than the Moon’s. Its first satellite, observed back in 1978, is Charon, named after the helmsman of newly deceased’s souls. The Discovery  After the […]