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Май 2021

21 мая @ 8:00 пп - 9:30 пп MSK

Speaker: Григор БадалянRussia

Цикл Сатурна-Нептуна и новейшая история России

Исследования крупнейших мунданных астрологов ХХ века, таких как Андрэ Барбо, Майкл Бейджент, Чарльз Харви, Николас Кэмпион и Барри Лайнс, установили тесную связь между циклом Сатурна и Нептуна и историей Советского Союза. Также ими была выявлена устойчивая взаимосвязь между данным циклом и основными этапами развития левого (коммунистического и социалистического) движения в XIX и ХХ веках. Настоящее исследование призвано дать ответ на вопрос: сохраняет ли новейшая история России связь с динамикой архетипов Сатурна и Нептуна несмотря на то, что Россия перестала быть…

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23 мая @ 3:00 пп - 4:30 пп EDT

Speaker: Yvonne Smith TarnasUnited States

Jump into the Fire

Deep personal transformation is most often driven by the experience of internal conflict, a tension of opposites within us. Our challenging aspects and transits thus describe opportunities for growth and what Jung called the transcendent function. Conscious engagement with our harder dynamics offers us the alchemist’s prima materia to create our own gold.

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29 мая @ 1:30 пп - 3:00 пп EDT

Speaker: Titi VidalPortugal

A Presença da Astrologia nos Meios de Comunicação

Dos horóscopos de jornal às redes sociais, a Astrologia está cada vez mais presente  nos meios de comunicação. Se por um lado isso aumenta sua divulgação e a aproxima do público leigo, também gera algum preconceito a partir dos recortes que são feitos. A presente apresentação visa abordar o panorama geral dessa relação entre Astrologia e Mídia na última década, incluindo seus prós e contras. Este conteúdo é fruto de pesquisas realizadas desde 2007 até agora no ambiente acadêmico, incluindo…

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30 мая @ 3:00 пп - 4:30 пп EDT

Speaker: Carmen FerreiraPortugal

The Labours of Hercules and the 12 Zodiac Signs

Mythology is at the base of astrological knowledge and one of the most obvious links can be found in the story of the Labours of Hercules. This mythological journey is intended to add depth to the more simplistic reading on the meaning of the 12 astrological signs. An important reflection for those who have just started in the study of astrological symbology but which can take the advanced student to new levels of interpretation of each of the 12 astrological…

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Июнь 2021

3 июня @ 8:30 пп - 9:30 пп CEST

Speaker: Gilles VerrierFrance

Le bouc émissaire

L’archétype du bouc émissaire est issu de la tradition hébraïque. Il est toujours aussi puissant dans notre psychisme. Nous verrons comment il s’est perpétué depuis les origines, quelle est sa fonction aujourd’hui dans notre société moderne. Il possède bien évidemment son ombre et sa lumière. Nous essayerons de dévoiler les facettes de sa face cachée, car dans l’histoire, il a pu se révéler tout aussi salvateur que meurtrier. Nous verrons quelles dispositions astrologiques l’activent. Ce sujet sera illustré par de…

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5 июня @ 12:00 пп - 4:00 пп EDT

Speaker: Ursula StockderMexico


• Myths are based on symbolic language and are the ones who translate an idea. • The astrological language is based on the interpretation of myths since the dawn of time, not only in Greek but in all cultures. • Knowing the origins of the myths related to the signs and planets, we can find deeper layers of the astrological signatures. • We will determine the fundamentals of why we interpret the chart based on the mythological influence. In this…

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6 июня @ 3:00 пп - 4:30 пп EDT

Speaker: Ehsan KhazeniIran

On the Lots

Every concept in astrology can be represented by a house, a sign and a planet. In Traditional astrology, the concepts are also represented by calculated points called “Lots” or “Parts” or "Sahms". The Lots are points calculated using three objects of the chart referring to the same concept. The object can be a Planet, Ascendant, MC, House Cusps, or another Lot. In this workshop I will present the calculation and procedure of applying some of these lots in Natal, Mundane,…

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8 июня @ 7:00 пп - 8:30 пп BST

Speaker: Israel AjoseUnited Kingdom

The 7 ages of man and the primary/clockwise house predictions

These are a few of the most simple but effective of the time Lord systems. These forecast and interpretational methods do become more technical and advanced in predictive work. The 7 ages of man technique is used for determining long periods within a life, in order to explain the typical development process over a human lifespan. The 7 ancient planetary spheres correspond in order to 7 age periods, from childhood until death. The Primary clockwise house prediction technique is an old predictive…

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13 июня @ 12:00 пп - 1:30 пп EDT

Speaker: Itziar AzkonaSpain

QUIRÓN, y su retorno en torno a los 50 años, un portal iniciático

Los retornos de los planetas marcan momentos vitales en nuestras vidas. Si los superamos con éxito la energía de lo nuevo supera con creces el dolor del tránsito. Si no vivimos con consciencia, entonces las pruebas se acumulan y podemos llegar a los 50 con más trabajo emocional del que podemos gestionar por nosotras mismas.

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13 июня @ 3:00 пп - 4:30 пп EDT

Speaker: Graham Ibell New Zealand

Moving On – Beyond the Birth Chart: Explorations and Musings on Death and Near-death Charts

From studying charts of those passing on - or nearly passing on - I have begun to question the dominance of the birth chart in our natal tradition. In this talk I discuss examples of death and near-death chart, including ones from my own practice. I find it exciting and confronting that they encourage me to move beyond the fixed nature of the nativity and come to a more fluid astrology. As well as inspiring you to explore charts of…

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